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5 Tutoring Tips for Teens to Write a Professional Game Review

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The world of video game review is booming these days.  The research that was made by one of the best essay service shows that it was estimated to be worth about 86 billion dollars by 2016. This has stimulated the growth of video game making it a profitable business.

Gaming has become the most sought topic among teens and each one of them wants to write their own game review. Some even use game video capture software to get the task done. Writing a video game review can be a very difficult task for several reasons. Reviewers have limited time allocated to beat a game, so there is a lot of pressure on the reviewer’s experience in gameplay.

But, there is a way around this. If you need help writing a review, you can seek the  writing service to do it for but we have provided a list of helpful tips to help teens get started with writing a video game review. So here it is.

  • Opening

In this section, you can start by describing the game in detail. For example, if you want to review a game about a shooter, you might want to consider the details about your squad mate calling out an enemy and you rush to rescue by opening fire. If you prefer to go the traditional way, begin by talking about the developer of the game and highlight the previous entry in the series. It is a perfect way to make the reader click on the review.

  • Stage setup

Interesting stories are the most important part of a video game. The reader needs to understand all the characters in the game, their relationship, and every other detail about the game. This is the part where you need to elaborate more about the game that the developers did.

  • The main body

This is the main part of the review. In this section, you are going to detail the game in uncertain terms. You can indicate that you are doing so to avoid spoilers, but you have other reasons in mind such as may be you didn’t actually finish playing it or you’re are confident enough to share your experience with the readers.

These reasons are okay. You may have played the games for an hour or so, which was long enough to form a conclusion about it and explain the reason why you rated it that way for others to determine if it’s worth the purchase.

In the review, you can include some interesting words and phrases such as “stellar”, “very fun”, “breathtaking”, “really” and so on just to make the review fun to read.

  • The main components

Your standard game review should be broken into several specific components including gameplay, replay, graphics, sound, and fun. Movies and other mediums may not treat their experiences the same way as games do.

Graphics: When it comes to graphics, it’s best to look at all the graphic options of the game. It should give an allowance for high resolutions including 720p/1080p and FPS (Frames per second) which are the most sought topics when it comes to game reviews. Feel free to use words like “gorgeous” or “cinematic” to describe the graphics. This is considered the easiest part of the whole game review.

Gameplay: The word gameplay can be used to refer to the interactive game experience in general. When writing the review, this is where you need to be more specific. It covers whatever detail you want it to including how the game feels, the mechanics of the game, AI, UI and everything else that is related to the game under review. Also, you can compare the game to similar other games and how it goes.

Sound: This is where you talk about sound, despite the fact that you may not have any background or audio basis to speak about it. Words such as “realistic” and “pounding” can be used to describe the same kind of sound effects that are found in all games of this nature. You may also choose to use other words that go a long way to sound like you understand what you are writing about.

Fun: It is important to include that the game was fun to play.  Make use of words such as “the game was a blast” or “it kept me for hours.” These will keep the reader interested and even want to try out the game.

Replay value: It is important to find out if the game has multiple players. Does it have branching paths? Can you play it back? These are some of the things you need to clarify about the game in order to come up with a good review.

  • The overall score

Perhaps the tricky thing to master is the score. Giving out the correct score requires a lot of trials and testing and justification of the answer by the reviewer. Most video games sites have a scale for rating a game that starts at the 8.0/B range and moves up from there. A safe bet can be 9.0/A. It’s a good range that keeps the game enthusiast from getting too infuriated whether they loved the game or not. Even if you spend the whole night playing the game and found out how a thriller it was, just give it a safe score so that everyone is okay. In the end, no one really knows how good the game was, except you as the reviewer. So, go for it!

Writing a good game review may seem like a daunting task, but it gets easier with practice. Similarly, the more reviews you write, the better the quality of your writing. Just keep in mind that a review should be more than listing the pros and cons of a game. It’s a chance to explore and express your thoughts and ideas in a way that can help others write a professional game review. Go for it!

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