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Pirates and the walking dead: Guardians of Ember releases Act 5

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Hack’n’Slash MMORPG Guardians of Ember extends the lands of Olyndale with the release of Act V. Pirates have set up camp in the new coastal regions and the undead are crawling through numerous new dungeons. The level cap rises from 50 to 58.

Today, Action MMORPG Guardians of Ember unlocks Act V and offers players hours of exciting new content featuring new dungeons and zones in the coastal region of Labato Fjord. From the pirate infested Drunkard’s Cove to Skull Rock, where the ruthless Captain Simeon Sharptooth resides, players face a variety of new enemies and will ultimately arrive at the Royal Cemetery. But this is no sanctuary at all, it is, in fact, overrun with the undead, where only the most skillful will survive.

New additions include:
– Nine new regions to explore and sixteen new dungeons to master
– Fifty-nine new quests
– New items and crafting recipes
– Level cap rises to 58
– A lot of bug fixing
– Updated German and English localisation

Guardians of Ember mixes Hack’n’Slash Action with a full MMORPG and is available via Steam Early Access. InselGames celebrates the launch of Act V with 33% discount on the Mortal Edition and the ultimate Immortal Edition, which offers exclusive content.


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