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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Review – A game that everyone needs to experience

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Bulletstorm is a game that when it was released was the kind of crazy shooter action that not many games actually had, it was a game that put humour and gameplay first, then story, and even then, the story was not that strong. It was a 360 era game that seemed to borrow a lot from Duke Nukem in the style of main character and how it played and gained a bit of a fan following because of it.

Though if you were unfortunate enough to try and play the game on PC, it was a bit of a pain, I actually recently tried to play the game recently, and I ended up not actually being able to play the game, I tried to get it through origin, turns out it was a game for windows game, meaning it is no longer activatable anymore and potentially not even playable if you did used to own it.

It is a great idea then that they decided to “remaster” the game, and bring it back to people who may not have had the chance to play the game the first go around.

Story? You are a war criminal on the run away from an army, you have a rag tag group of people following you, it’s a pretty thin story and honestly its one of these annoying, the whole game is a flashback leading up to an event from the start of the game, I don’t really like these sorts of stories.  But then again mostly the game doesn’t really care about the story, its there solely to push you forward, and I don’t think it really wants you to take it seriously. There are some really good parts though, the level with the T-Rex and giant wheel standing out in my memory as some really good levels that still made me chuckle when I came across the levels probably for the 10th+ time during this playthrough. Okay story, good voice actors though make this game, and the quips you here from the characters will make some of the levels for you.

Gameplay has not changed, it is all about points trying to get as stylish of a kill as you possible can, gun play on this game is usually described as “Heavy”, the guns feel meaty and sound meaty, each bullet looks and feels like they hit the target with a heavy force and it feels satisfying to use all guns in the game. You also get to kick enemies, which has the effect of freezing them mid-air for a short period of time, where you can shoot them, kick them again or aim them at different hazards in the level such as spikes, fire or explosives each giving you a different bonus to your points. It isn’t necessary by any means to do this however, it is purely for the sake of being overly destructive, see a cactus? Kick you, Fire? Kick you, suspiciously placed spikes? Yeah gonna kick you. It’s a feature to the game that honestly doesn’t really get too boring and you find yourself using it just to see what stupid death you can give someone next which is always a bit of fun.

Graphically the game has not change too much, and some people are not liking the changes, I’m indifferent, some areas it seems as if all the changes that has actually occurred is a blue or brown filter has been slapped on the scene and called it quits. Some levels have more going on, dust clouds, sun rays, there hasn’t really been a change to any character models, textures ect. The changes are purely, this area now has much more going on, or the frame rate suffers less when more is going on, the game looked okay back in 2011, and it still looks okay now, it won’t win no awards but it does try its best. Though this is running on the Unreal 3 engine, which means even if you are still rocking an older GPU you will be able to run this game just fine, probably on quite high settings with how efficient and how well drivers support this engine, so expect all the bells and whistles.

Overall Bulletstorm Full clip is a game everyone should play if they enjoy playing a game that does not take itself seriously at all. The graphical upgrade may be minor, but the gameplay does not suffer at all, and it is the closest we are going to see to a new Serious Sam or Duke Nukem again any time soon, and that alone means I will play this and enjoy myself seriously. This is a game that everyone needs to experience at some time, 10/10, pick this up unless you hate fun, and only play serious games for serious people.

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