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Touch Dimensions’ ARPG/RTS-hybrid STRAIN TACTICS launching May 4 on Steam

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In the mood for a challenging, sophisticated ARPG with a heavy focus on strategy? STRAIN TACTICS – developed by award-winning studio Touch Dimensions – is coming to Steam next Thursday, May 4 🙂

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After losing a secret war fought on the surface of Neptune against a hostile alien organism, you are faced with the realization that the “Strain” threat is heading for Earth. A re-cloned commander of the Neptune Incident, you must now take command of a group of up to five ground team members to defeat the Strain … and put an end to the alien menace once and for all.

Taking a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield from the vantage point of your Helibase, you’re able to issue commands to assault units who can be inserted (and extracted) from anywhere on the battlefield. Choose from 80 playable characters – all equipped with a weapon and three extra inventory slots for maximum flexibility. With more than 150 unique items and weapons, you can customize the ground team to deal with virtually *any* situation – both domestic and extraterrestrial!

Draw paths for your units using a nifty drag-control system and give special commands to your troops while they follow the path – allowing you to carefully choreograph the flow of battle. Need to quickly change orders? No problem: You can manually override orders in real time and direct individual soldiers (or multiple units) to new targets on the go. Experienced soldiers will level up – increasing their damage, resistance, or endurance. Death is not the end: Make the most of casualties by recovering body bags to revive team members – or sell their corpses for much-needed credits.

With a variety of maps and distinct scenarios, each mission in Strain Tactics can be approached like a sandbox. And if things get too crazy on the ground, the Helibase features its own weapon systems: Support your ground team from afar with some serious firepower!

*   Build and command your own 1-5-member heliborne task force.
*   Assemble a ground team from 80 playable characters with unique personalities and strengths – featuring 1-3 extra inventory slots and countless weapon/item combinations.
*   Choreograph your team’s actions in real time with a dynamic drag-control system or manually micromanage units.
*   Defend your Helibase and protect your team from above with miniguns, autocannons, and more.
*   Preserve your team’s mental health – and protect them from contamination.
*   Level up your units, upgrade items, and revive fallen team members by body-bagging (or sell their corpses for points).
*   Travel to more than 30 maps with five unique scenarios – including Hunter-Killer, Escort, Retrieval, Perimeter Defense, and Clean Sweep.

Strain Tactics will be available on Steam (Windows only) on May 4 for $14.99.

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