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Indygo Hits Steam Greenlight – A unique game about depression

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Indygo is a narrative game with elements of point’n’click set in one room only – painting workshop. It tells the story of a painter who suffers from depression. One of the symptoms is proceeding isolation. Main character haven’t left his room for more than 3 months. The person who helps him live through this hard time is his girlfriend Anna. It became obvious for both of them, that this situation can’t last forever. The time has come to look for solution. It’s up to player to decide how the story will progress.

Main topic of game is depression and isolation. We make an attempt to illustrate what people affected by disturbances of mood can experience. We want to counteract the stigmatisation of those people. During the game you will see the world through the eyes of the main character. Many puzzles await to be solved and letters to be read. Painter’s journal gives us a detailed information about his mental state and thoughts. Inquisitives will be able to find additional hints bonding story together.

Handmade graphic and music are important elements that add depth to story. The room changes accordingly to the mental state of a character (attached pictures Room state 1/2/3). Game has multiple endings. How the story ends depends on the seemingly trivial decisions during the game. Our goal was to make the players choose, how the story will progress.

Indygo in a few words

The idea – The title attempts to show what people suffering from mood disorders can experience and wishes to prevent the stigmatization of sick people.

The task of the player – player solves puzzles, conducts correspondence and makes a decision affecting the turn of events and the end of history.

Mechanics – Indigo is a narrative game with elements of adventure point and click game.

The story – The game tells the story of a famous painter, who as a result of mood disorders began to isolate himself from the outside world. One day he locked himself in his workshop. Player will be able to know the inner world of our hero and his relationship with the girl. How the story unfolds and what will be its ending depends on the player’s decisions.

What makes our title unique

  • The whole story is set in one room only,
  • It touches the difficult social subject of what the depression is,
  • The original artwork and music, styled in such a way as to be able to talk about emotions and mental states of hero.

The depression problem

Depression affects a large group of people, both young and old. It is very likely that each of us know, or will know someone suffering from a mood disorder. We want our game to have a dimension of educational, preventive, and be helpful in reducing the stigmatization of the mentally ill. The game will have correspondence with the doctor, in which the player will be able to learn basic information about depression and the course of treatment. In addition, we put the coordinates of organizations that can help the family and the patient in game menu.

It is also important that in addition to depressed mood main symptom is reduced activity. People suffering from depression are not very active. Presentation of the image of such a person through a medium based on the operation was a lot of challenge.


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