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Minecraft Style On The Go

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If your planning to venture into the great outdoors this summer, or are simply fed up of that boring black backpack, then Noisy Sauce are here to save the day!

Introducing the officially licenced Minecraft Mini Backpack range from Noisy Sauce. Bringing Minecraft to life in vivid colour, these backpacks are thoughtfully and accurately designed in the style of Minecraft, even down to the finest of details. You can clearly recognise the iconic pixilated theme that is reflected throughout the design, making all those around you extremely jealous.

Whether you use this iconic piece of merchandise to make studying more fun, to look ultra-stylish walking down the street or to carry your must-haves as you jet away, this mini backpack caters for all. Each bag is smaller than a regular backpack, measuring roughly 30cm in height and 24cm in width, staying lightweight yet sturdy, with more than enough room for your essentials. Made from 100% polyester with an array of handy storing solutions including: inside pockets, two adjustable shoulder straps, extra side pockets, along with a front zip pocket. For even more storage on the go.

Unzip this awesome backpack and watch out for a bold splash of colour with a vibrant yellow lining. It’s a pixelated way of life. While it may only be mini, don’t underestimate the capabilities of this back pack, an Aladdin’s cave with enough storage for all your own treasures. This is sure to see you through multiple years of exciting exploration.

The inspiration behind this range of backpacks comes from the wonderful world of Minecraft, a global phenomenon in gaming, based on the construction of famous textured cubes to create a 3D world in which you can escape. Join this pixelated universe and become a part of a growing trend that has had people hooked for years.

Choose from 3 eye-catching yet true to Minecraft designs: the Minecraft Creeper Mini Backpack showcasing a pop of vivid green, the Minecraft Diamond Mini Backpack offering a fresh turquoise design and the Minecraft Silver Mini Backpack for an array of silvers and greys. No matter your style, there is a Minecraft backpack just waiting to become your stylish travel companion this summer!

The Minecraft Mini Backpack range is available online from Noisy Sauce for £17.99 per backpack, available in 3 vivid colours.

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