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Quake Champions – Bethesda to Give Everyone Who Signed Up A Beta Code

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ID has released some awesome news for fans of Quake still waiting patiently for their keys. For the past couple of months ID have been running closed betas for players lucky enough to gain a key every weekend. However this weekend comes with a difference:

Everyone who has signed up for the beta will now receive a code this coming Friday (12th may) starting at 10am ET. According to Bethesda the next beta will also run for a grand total of 9 days! We’ve been loving it so far and the more players inside the beta the better. Unfortunately the amount of info on the game we can give you is limited due to the NDA in place. But guess what, that also ends this Friday. We’ll be releasing our first impressions on the game very soon but for now make sure you sign up before hand to receive your code too.

Excited to join the fun? Let us know your thoughts on Quakes new direction.

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