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Ship of Heroes – Mission Demo Video

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The seventh video, Mission Demo is now live and on Youtube, but you can now watch it below.

Points about the video:

  • This new Sci-Fi environment delivers on the promise that Ship of Heroes will be both a hero game and a Sci-Fi game, with large new areas of the ship being revealed for the first time, in a completely new art style that compliments the urban environment of Apotheosis City.
  • Everything in the new environment is fully PBR (Physics-Based Reality), and shows the intent of the developers to build a game with an incredible level of realism compared to other hero games.
  • The Ship of Heroes team is using the full power of Unreal Engine 4 to make the environment interesting – complex lighting, colors, textures, moving objects, multiple kinds of NPCs, and environmental FX are all on display.
  • Ship of Heroes is the first new hero game in years to show this sort of sophisticated indoor environment, and they’ve also linked it to a gorgeous outdoor cityscape.
  • The environment being revealed is composed of complex pieces – large rooms, small rooms, corridors, control centers, etc, that can be recombined in many different configurations to create mission maps for instanced content, along with other related environments.
  • Instanced content is a much-requested feature that allows players and teams to uniquely access missions and rewards without worrying about what other teams are doing in the area.
  • The Ship of Heroes devs have stated that the components of this environment are also going to become the basis for players to design their own instanced missions after the game launches.

Ship of Heroes expects to begin Alpha testing at the end of 2017.

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