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RedFish Game Studio’s voxel adventure *Cube Critters* launches today on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

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Cube Critters – the new game from RedFish Game Studio (the indie developer who brought you the mysterious *Isoland* in 2016) – is now available on iOS:

App Store URL:

Navigate treacherous mazes across five picturesque voxel environments in this exciting competitive multiplayer game full of hidden traps, ridiculous emojis, and friendly mocking 🙂

With 50 (count ‘em – FIFTY!) single-player levels, Cube Critters’ so-cute-it-hurts art style and responsive touch controls are sure to keep you entertained – unlocking a huge variety of cuboid characters along the way. Although the game is already fun in Training Ground – which teaches you the basics – it’s the multiplayer mode that reveals Cube Critters’ true nature. Grab your Facebook friends for an impromptu race … or go head-to-head against complete strangers via the WiFi option. Speeding ahead is a sound strategy – but the versus mode also includes a number of deployable traps to slow down your opponents, Mario Kart style!

If that isn’t enough, you can even taunt (or cheer on) your opponents with a robust emoji feature. Have some extra seconds lying around? Hit the opposition where it hurts with a well-timed angry face!

Aaron Luo (Director of Game Design, RedFish Game Studio):

“Cube Critters gave the team an opportunity to explore all the different ways players interact with each other while racing toward a shared objective – the King’s Crown. We all love to brag about a win or joke about an opponent’s misfortune – whether we’re playing Monopoly or the latest AAA title. Cube Critters makes it easy to enjoy each other’s company while racing ahead – and avoiding! – hazards in a beautiful voxel world.”

*   Battle players worldwide through Facebook or over Wi-Fi.
*   Conquer challenging mazes solo in Training Ground.
*   Use a single finger to guide your character to the King’s Crown.
*   Interact with your opponent by making use of power-ups, traps, and emojis.
*   Enjoy a vibrant 3D world with 5 unique environments.
*   Collect gold coins to unlock dozens of new characters!

Cube Critters is now available on the App Store. The game is free and includes in-app purchases.

App Store URL:

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