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Guild of Dungeoneering Introduces Trophy Trials With Free Weekend Offer

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Guild of Dungeoneering is kicking off its new game mode, Trophy Trials with a free weekend on Steam starting on Thursday,  May 18th 10:00am PST through to Monday, May 22nd 10:00am PST.

In Trophy Trials you start a new run by choosing which region you want to play in and then pick from one of two possible Dungeoneers, Blessings, Loot upgrades and, in a special twist, Fates. Then you must take your chosen dungeoneer, with your selected upgrades (and downgrades), to battle an ever-more-difficult series of boss fights. Start each boss fight at level one and level up by finding the right equipment to emerge victorious.

Every time questing dungeoneers beat a boss you gain a trophy towards your high score, and that’s where the game deviously alters the rules to make things more difficult. At this time you must make a choice, take on another boss with these new rules, or head home with your current haul of trophies. If you push your luck and die in the next dungeon you score NOTHING!  If you make it out with your trophies then you enter the halls of glory and your name may be written on the leaderboards!  It’s all about knowing when to quit!

The Trophy Trials update is also coming along with new features like customizing your dungeoneer’s appearance before you go adventuring or watch videos of fellow dungeoneers successfully navigating a dungeon run (in beta). Trophy Trial lets you experience some of the loot and monsters from the Pirates Cove and Ice Cream Headache expansions.

In addition to the Free Weekend Guild of Dungeoneering will also be discounted across all Sku’s from Thursday 18th May 10am PST through to Tuesday 23rd May 10am PST offering 60% off the base game and Deluxe edition.

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