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Delve Into the Den of Exiles as Season 2 of Chaos Chronicle Gets Underway

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Nexon unleash powerful new heroes, open a devious new dungeon and more in mobile RPG

NEXON Korea Corporation, subsidiary of NEXON Co., Ltd. (“Nexon”) (3659.TO), a worldwide leader in free-to-play online and mobile games, is today thrilled to reveal that Season 2 of fan-favourite, 2D mobile role-playing title, Chaos Chronicle, is now available for download via Google Play and the App Store.

Featuring epic battles, colourful characters and an engrossing storyline, Season 2 of Chaos Chronicles welcomes new and returning mobile gamers to its vibrant and action-filled world. Building upon what has come before, the latest update introduces a plethora of thrilling new content to the game, including…

  • Two New Heroes, Juliana and Elto: The younger sibling of Twelve Disciple Julian, Juliana is a Swordmaster who was previously locked within Gorde Jyle’s chest. Her unique ability Light Revivify creates a shield for all allies when she receives damage, preventing all attack skills with DEF Penetration effects.
Elto is a powerful support character, utilising various potions to help heroes in battle by healing and buffing them.
  • New Dungeon: ‘Den of Exiles’ is a brand new scenario dungeon chronicling the story of Biretta, as she, the Grand Sage and the Swordmasters face off against guardian souls and exiled lords. By fighting their way through all three stories of the dungeon, players will be able to acquire key materials for crafting Guardian Equipment.
  • New Equipment Crafting System: Guardian Equipment is a new class of armour that can only be used by Grand Sages and Swordmasters. Players can be craft the epic new gear from materials gathered in the Den of Exiles.
  • Ellan’s Seal and Special Summon: When purchasing items from the shop players will earn Ellan’s Points, which can be traded in for Ellan’s Seals. Ellan’s Seal can be used for Special Summon, entering the Den of Exiles, or crafting equipment.

Special Summon is a new feature that guarantees players a Grand Sage or a Swordmaster of their choice – if it used for 30 consecutive days. The Special Summoning heroes up for grabs in May are Swordmaster Reica and Grand Sage Lucia.

  • Additional Updates and Events: In addition to the updates detailed above, Season 2 includes 21 New Chapters (24 Stages), new hero costumes and a redesigned user interface.

Furthermore a variety of attendance rewards including ‘6 Star Hero Contract’, ‘300 Rubies’, ‘Disciple Equipment Box and Rank-up Stone’ will be available for 12 days. Players can also participate in the Integrated Server Guild War – a massive scale battle between Ayuda and Mono Servers, in which Rubies will be given out based on the final rankings.

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