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Medical Malpractice Simulator Bio Inc.: Redemption Now Available on PC

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Hippocratic oaths are going out the window and lawsuits through the roof in Bio Inc.: Redemption, a medical malpractice strategy simulator for PC. DryGin Studios has stealthily released their sequel to the original Bio Inc., which attained more than 15 million players, into Steam Early Access with no prior announcements.

In the franchise’s inaugural entry, doctors would kill patients by cultivating diseases then infecting victims who were also forced into unhealthy lifestyles including poor diet, lack of exercise and unprotected sex. Bio Inc.: Redemption offers a new death side campaign alongside a new life side faction in which doctors do everything possible to save their patients.

Bio Inc.: Redemption will provide hours of gameplay throughout 18 challenging medical cases which include more than 600 actual diseases, symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments and other medical conditions.

>More than evolved from the series’ initial mobile title, the sequel was completely rebuilt for PC in order to not be held back by the limitations of mobile hardware, enabling DryGin Studios to redesign gameplay mechanics.

“We wanted to provide fans with an all-new and improved campaign for the game they know and love,” says J-F Mitchell, President, DryGin Studios. “We ended up creating something completely new and exciting in the process. Implementing the concept of good and evil required us to rethink the entire experience and the result is the most hilarious, fun, realistic and visually stunning medical condition simulator!”

Bio Inc.: Redemption is available in Steam Early Access in English, French, German and Russian. Upon full release Dry Gin Studios also plans on including a sandbox/creator mode, more diseases/medical conditions and a new and improved unprotected sex wheel!

For more information please visit the Bio Inc.: Redemption website, follow DryGin Studios on Twitter or like Bio Inc. on Facebook.

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