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Agora.io Reveals New Mobile Gaming SDK at E3 Gaming Conference

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Agora.io (www.agora.io), the global leader in real-time communications, announced today at E3 an early preview of its latest software development kit (SDK), Agora Mobile Gaming (AMG). The SDK, slated for public launch in a few weeks, will allow developers to integrate real-time voice capabilities for a multitude of different in-game voice modes.

The AMG SDK will allow developers to add real-time voice functionality to mobile games on iOS and Android platforms, and across hundreds of different devices. The SDK will also be compatible with major game engines including Unity, Unreal, Cocos and SpriteKit.

With just a couple lines of code, developers can benefit from effortless integration and Agora’s Software Defined Real-Time Network (SD-RTN), a global network of distributed data centers that ensures a consistent, high-quality experience regardless of the user’s geographic location or device. The technology, which demands 20 percent lower CPU usage and 50 percent lower RAM usage compared to the industry average, delivers an uninterrupted gaming experience with minimal delays or lag.

Additional features include instant voice messaging, voice command recognition, 180-degree spatial sound, voice-changing and other sound effects. The SDK will also support several different gaming modes, from one-to-one experiences like private chats to one-to-many experiences like in-game broadcasting with up to 20,000 audience members in a single session.

“With the booming mobile gaming sector, we wanted to create a simple SDK so any game developer could easily incorporate the latest communications technology into their platform,” says Tony Zhao, founder and CEO at Agora.io. “As we see it, this is another step in our goal to further connect people across the globe with interactive experiences that boost user engagement.”

The AMG SDK is powered by Agora, the most widely adopted real-time communications solution globally with over 30,000 registered developers. To date, Agora’s technology has processed more than 7.5 billion minutes of communications across voice, video and interactive broadcasting on 500 million devices.

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