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Dell S2718H Monitor Review – A Media Editor’s Choice – Budget Pick

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We’ve started to see more and more, as today’s technological golden era continues to explode, many consumers who continue to strive for a screen that they genuinely get excited to use. Whether it’s a TV, a PC monitor or even your phone’s screen. The quality of experience changes that come with upgrading to such a display are more subtle than others might realise.

Many people may not even see a difference and produce statements like “it doesn’t really matter.” However, if you work on a PC every day or spend most of your spare time behind one, you’ll know that this isn’t true, it definitely matters.

Now the specifications of a monitor to an aficionado such as myself, or probably you if you’re reading a review about a monitor, is where it matters most. The thing is with the S2718H is that on paper the specs really don’t sound all that impressive. It’s not 4k, it’s limited to 60hz and a 1080p resolution. However, the kicker is in the monitor’s High Dynamic Range capabilities.

Now for those who don’t know what HDR actually means, then I shall explain swiftly: There are two important factors that come in to play when deciding what makes a good display in to a great one. The first being the resolution, which means how many pixels are shown on the screen at one time. The second is its contrast ratio, which basically means how bright can the screen display in comparison to how dark it can go. A higher contrast ratio will make the image displayed “pop out” and appear more real. Take it from me, if you put a 4k screen without a decent contrast ratio next to a 1080p display with a High Dynamic Range to the screens contrast ratio, almost anyone would choose the latter.

This particular feature is not only great for video games but also films and during video editing. It helps the user see better detail in dark and light areas without sacrificing the contrast by having to turn up the brightness of the screen. It’s even better for a user such as myself who likes high contrast and has digital vibrancy set to 80% in the Nvidia control panel.

The Dell S2718H exudes colour and due to the HDR there is little need to crank up the brightness settings. The fact you can keep the display at a low brightness does wonders for your eyes but the monitor does utilise LED technology which emits more blue light than other monitors and staring at a bright screen while absorbing an absurd amount of blue light all day can lead to some pretty negative side effects to your everyday life.

But it’s a trade off you’re going to have to decide for yourself. Personally, I found that due to the screen being less bright but more detailed compared to my other monitor, this causes a skyrocket in its own value. I never had to adjust the screens settings depending on the lighting conditions around me.

The monitor comes in at a decent size of 27”. A size that’s not too big thus removing any issue a user may have having to move their head to look at a different part of the screen. And it’s thinner than most monitors I’ve used at around 1.5cm’s. Yet the steel base is extremely weighty. If there is one certainty, it’s that this monitor isn’t falling over anytime soon.

Instead of in-built speakers the display comes with a great little speaker that slots in to the base of the monitor. A little different to what we usually see from an HDMI monitor but the end product works surprisingly well. Instead of the audio emitting from behind the monitor it’s instead right in front of you, it’s a little bit too much on the treble side for me however. While not being able to produce stellar sound, it does provide a fantastic middle speaker for surround sound setups.

All in all, the Dell S2718H holds up well. It’s evident that it’s modelled for the use of photography and video editing as well as general office use. The colours that the HDR provides are paramount to the display’s perks and while a lot of monitors try to become a versatile jack-of-all-trades by trying to wow you with features like 4k,144hz, speakers and more inputs than a user needs, the S2718H does something different. It masters its niche. While I wouldn’t recommend the monitor for gamers, the S2718H would easily be my go to for anything outside of games. Whether it be sitting for endless hours trying to pixel perfectly edit that last image for an album, or desperately trying to finish that deadline your editor has given you for the next day. Dramatic in almost every aspect rather than in all. But for the size and for the glorious colour, there are few monitors that can beat it at this price point.

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