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Arozzi Verona V2 Gaming Chair Review – Easy Does It.

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Look, comfort is a widely disregarded entity when planning a gaming set up. Usually the mind wanders to the actual system itself, GPU’s, CPU’s and RAM may be the first things you need to think about. I get that. But once that’s all done and dusted, set up and purring like tiger, you may then realise it’s difficult to enjoy the set up when your posterior is sat on a wooden dining room chair you dug out of the attic.

This is me speaking from experience, for a long time I scraped and saved for a gaming pc and spent every penny I had on the hardware itself. While I don’t regret this decision, my ass surely does. For months I spent sitting on that infernal wooden chair that annihalated my back and posture. One day on a skip run I then managed to come across a tatty leather office chair. This was softer and lasted me almost a year, but still did no favours for to my back. With my posture destroyed and more than likely permanent damage to my spine from spending hours upon hours on an inappropriate chair, it was time to find the solution.


Goodbye My Old Friend


Thankfully the Lounge Gods heard my plea. Upon thee they graced a chair to end the suffering. Lounge Christ if you will.


New Hotness

All silly jokes aside, the point I’m trying to make is that all set ups need to be comfortable. If you’re like me and work from home and spend most of your day behind your desk, you need decent support. I might do a PSA video.

But anyway, down to the actually nitty gritty. I’m not one for fancy furniture and hate decorating, but as soon as I set this chair up I actually fell in love. Not only for it’s simple colour scheme and sporty design, but also for the materials used. For starters, my favourite colour in any kind of scheme is orange. My whole set up has had a Half-Life feel to it ever since purchasing my Motherboard that uses Orange plating. But it’s subtle and not too striking, avoiding any unwanted strain to the eyeball regions.

The real seller however, is the leather* that covers the whole chair (save from the bolts and base). The problem I’ve always had with leather chairs, sofas and other ass accommodations (if there is any other variants) is that they struggle to breath, causing sweaty backs and that horrible sticky feeling when you peel away any naked skin. Although this leather isn’t completely free from those issues, it is incredibly thin and smooth and allows for the material to mould with the sponge underneath, thus reducing leather’s uncanny ability to cause these kind of discomforts.

*The material is pleather rather than real leather, for the sake of readability I will be referring to it as leather.

The support I so highly rate comes from the perfectly straight back combined with the two cushions. One for your head and one for the bottom of you’re back. These are removable and I did remove them for a time just to feel what the chair is like without them and while still comfortable, these cushions add another layer of comfort to an already comfortable chair.

It also comes from the highly adjustable settings on the sides of the chair. One arm controls the back rest that can be tilted from a 90 Degree angle to 180 Degree angle. Another arm either locks the chair in it’s current position or can be unlocked to allow for it’s rocking mode. Now one thing I made sure of when testing the chair is how solid it feels while rocking, does it feel like it’s going to break or not. Well rest assured it actually feels bouncy rather than flimsy. I’ve sat in other game chairs and never enjoyed the rocking mode however, I always felt like the chair was forcing me in to position with extremely strong springs or that the springs weren’t strong enough and every movement I made was a gamble if I’d fall backwards or forwards. The Verona doesn’t have this problem, it sits in the perfect middle ground in between and allows you to get in to a position that’s comfortable for you as well as allowing enough freedom to bounce back and forth if you really wanted to. Which I do. A lot. I probably enjoy it more than my kids do.

The last arm adjusts the height. Pretty self explanatory so we’ll move on from there. The arms rests are fully adjustable also but only on their height, you can’t adjust the angle. It’s not an issue for me but something that still needs to be mentioned. The arm rests initially feel quite loose but once you rest you’re arms inside the lovingly crafted indentations they stay still pretty solidly. The arm rests are comprised of gel that are wrapped in the same leather that covers the chair, they are pretty rock solid for the most part but mould enough to be comfortable for your arms. It’s the little things really.

One of the things I was worried about when I first put the chair together were the wheels. My old faithful chair, that you can see above, also had wheels but lacked the ability to be able to actual function on the carpet in my office. I was always stuck in place. The Verona’s wheels however move as smooth as an ice dancer over the floor, they’re big and thin at the same time with enough lubrication to be able to slide over any surface.

Although rather weighty the Verona was easy to put together and Arozzi supplies the needed bolts and allen key/hex key. The weightiness of the chair just strengthens my resolve that this will probably last me years. Everything exudes quality, the design, the controls, the sturdiness, the materials, just everything. Until now I didn’t really understand how important it was to have the right chair for your set up and I couldn’t even bare to imagine how my work life would be had this beauty hadn’t come through my door like a leather bound Mary Poppins. That didn’t come out right.

It’s also worth to note that the chair sports what Arozzi describes as a Class-4 Gas lift. I have no idea what the specifics of that statement actually means but I do know it means that it can support up to a whopping 150kg! So for any of you strong man competition winners or others below 23 stone are all good to go. And if you’re above 23 Stone. Well maybe it’s time to hit the gym.

But all in all, I’d consider the Arozzi Verona V2 Gaming Chair and stand up investment for any gamers set up. Or even in an office space. The support it gives to your back and posture are worth the £260 alone (converted from €299). I hope this review inspired you and I hope my happiness truly comes through in these short 1000 or so words. Now brothers and sisters of the lounge revolution, go forth and take the leap. I promise you wont regret it.

Backrest Measurement
1. Upper backrest outer width 55 cm 21.7 inches
2. Upper backrest inner width 40 cm 15.7 inches
3. Lower backrest outer width 48 cm 18.9 inches
4. Lower backrest inner width 37.5 cm 14.8 inches
5. Backrest height 82 cm 32.3 inches
Seat Measurement
6. Seat outer width 54 cm 21.3 inches
7. Seat inner width 46 cm 18.1 inches
8. Seat depth (from front of the seat to front of backrest) 47 cm 18.5 inches
9. Adjustable seat height (floor to top of seat) 46 – 53 cm 18.1-20.9 inches
Armrest Measurement
10. Between armrests (inner) 52.5 cm 20.7 inches
11. Between armrest (outer) 72.5 cm 28.5 inches
12. Adjustable armrest height, floor to top of armrests (lowest setting on seat) 67 cm – 74 cm 26.4 – 29.1 inches
12. Adjustable armrest height, floor to top of armrests (highest setting on seat) 74 cm – 81 cm 29.1 – 31.9 inches

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