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Q&A with Vince Hill aka Metuz

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Vince Hill aka Metuz is a commentator and streamer for the popular esport – Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Having spent almost a decade within esports – Vince is a veteran of the industry by esports standards. Vince has commentated on some of the biggest esports events there has been and continues to be a mainstay within the CS:GO esports scene. Vince’s Twitch account has received over 2 million – he is popular all around the world.

So firstly, for those who don’t know, could you give me a quick history and insight into how you got into esports and your current role within the industry?

Vince Hill: Hi, I’m Vince, also known as Metuz and I’m a play-by-play commentator in esports. Been doing it for nearly a decade at this point over a variety of games, my main game being CSGO at present.

Wow a decade is a long time! Just how much have esports grown from when you first started up until now?

Vince Hill: It’s come on leaps and bounds, back then even the idea of getting paid or any compensation for the work I did was laughable. Events paid out nowhere near the type of money they do now, and as a result everything has accelerated quickly. It’s night and day.

Is CS: GO as an esport constantly evolving? How hard is it to master the game?

Vince Hill: I’d say CSGO is constantly evolving, just at a different rate to other esports titles. For example, League of Legends can change vastly just from one patch that heavily buffs/nerfs champions or items. CSGO is for the most part kept the same, but the teams themselves are adapting and evolving.

I don’t think anyone has mastered CSGO yet, if you take every role, map and weapon into account. Plus, as Astralis are finding out right now, getting to the top in CS is one thing, staying there is entirely different.

Are esports the future of sports? Obviously there are now football clubs working with esports athletes in order to promote themselves to a wider audience, can u see esports continuing to work with traditional sports or will they begin to compete against them?

Vince Hill: I try not to think of it in those terms regarding sports. Both can coexist. I don’t see a need for esports to try to be more like sports or visa versa. What got us here is having a unique avenue of competition that people found attractive, sticking to a winning formula would seem wise.

Do you think the CSGO developers are doing a good job? Do you think there are further improvements that they can make to the game?

Vince Hill: Unfortunately, I feel as though the current state of CSGO is in a rough place. Pistols and UMPs in particular are just unbelievably strong. There feels to be an element of RNG at times too which is never ideal for a skill based game, and apart from a few times when Valve speak with the community there is radio silence.

For me though bringing the UMP back into balance would be the most important step. When players are taking a low cost, high reward SMG into full buy rounds consistently you know something is wrong.

Is it Important they address these issues in order for CSGO to continue to be popular?

Vince Hill: It’s something that needs to be addressed. The issue though is finding a balance. Especially with pistols, I can see some of the attractive qualities of having strong pistols in CSGO, as every round has that upset potential. This can in itself cause entertaining or dramatic matches which keep the audience invested. If pistols got hit really hard with a nerf, suddenly that spark may go with anti-ecos not being the banana peel they once were. Fine tuning rather than an overhaul would be required.

Vince’s personal Twitter account can be found here.

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