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Glamour and simplicity: Loewe bild 9 OLED TV – as elegant as a sculpture. A fascinatingly different take on television.

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Bodo Sperlein’s latest design catapults television into a whole new dimension. Loewe bild 9 OLED is a complete and expertly conceived artwork. Made in Germany.

German depth and British lightness has been drawn on to combine sophistication with minimalism, craftsmanship with high-tech and opulence with understatement. Inspired by the Golden Twenties, dandies and Art Deco, the result is a television that radiates a presence and lightness so fascinating it almost appears to be a work of art. Its sleek exterior conceals state-of-the-art technology – OLED and Dolby Vision™, for vibrantly authentic pictures and exploding colours brimming with detail.

“Bodo Sperlein’s design bears his personal signature and impressively conveys Loewe’s new zeitgeist, combining convincing design with technical sophistication and clearly demonstrating that home entertainment can be an aesthetic element of interior design,” explained Loewe’s CEO Mark Hüsges. “The extremely flat display, concealing cutting-edge OLED technology, together with the streamlined and elaborately hand-forged steel frame – for me, this is the very essence of a television.”

The design: sophisticated and individual

Elegant, minimalist and impressively different. Bodo Sperlein continuously manages to catapult traditional shapes and materials into the 21st century with a surprising twist. “The warm golden shade creates a harmonious contrast with the futuristic, black flat screen. My inspiration was gold’s fascination for alchemists. Gold stands for sunshine, light, wisdom, perfection and constancy,” explained Bodo Sperlein. “I view Loewe bild 9 as a jewel for the home.”

As an alternative to Amber Gold, the bild 9 is also available in Graphite Grey. Both colour options harmonise perfectly with the ultra-flat display which, at just 7 mm, is slimmer than most smartphones and has an almost floating quality. To admire the streamlined contours with no distraction, a high-quality fabric cover conceals the connections and cables on the back.

Handmade in Bavaria

The delicately crafted frame is made from heavy steel. All set-up solutions, wall mount, floor stand and table stand will be produced in a complex manufacturing process, starting with high-precision laser cutting of the metal, followed by manual welding, grinding and polishing. The surface will then be finished and power-coated in either Amber Gold or Graphite Grey at a temperature of over 220°C to guarantee maximum resistance.

A whole new level of picture quality

OLED technology uses self-lighting organic pixels to generate spectacular picture quality. In contrast to LCDs, they do not require any background lighting. When they are not active, they are black. And with a response time of less than a microsecond. From glistening light to darkest night. Rapid movements come alive with a whole new depth of vibrancy. Thanks to Dolby Vision™, the bild 9 produces brilliant high dynamic range (HDR) images with a whole new level of depth and an amazing colour spectrum for extremely authentic reproduction of even the most subtle nuances. Ensuring that the images on your screen are presented almost precisely as intended by film-makers, producers and actors.

The sound: sophisticated and resonant

As soon as the Loewe bild 9 is switched on, the display automatically glides upwards to reveal a powerful soundbar. With a resonant 120 watts of music power from six speakers and an additional four passive bass membranes, it generates vibrant, warm and voluminous sound. It is ideally completed by Loewe klang 9 speakers which combine the technology of a column speaker with a fully-fledged subwoofer. The speakers communicate wirelessly with the Loewe bild 9 within the same radio standard. An integrated 5.1 audio multi-channel decoder avoids the need to purchase an additional AV receiver.

Operation – simple and intuitive

The clearly structured user interface is a joy to use. Your choice of TV channels, recordings, apps or other external sources can be easily stored on the home screen. Tidal opens up access to over 40 million music tracks. Change channel, start recording, easily select your favourite films using the programme guide or quickly call up background information on your current viewing: available to download to your smartphone or tablet, the new Loewe app will make life even easier. It transforms your smartphone or tablet into a mobile TV, allowing you to watch live programmes and recordings of favourite films or blockbuster movies from your home network in any room. Start watching a football match or thriller in the lounge and then retire to bed to catch the end in comfort.

Technical data

  • Screen diagonal: 55″ / 65″
  • Display: OLED display technology
  • Resolution: Ultra HD
  • HDR technology: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
  • Reception: DVB-T2/C/S2, analogue, 2x CI
  • Connections: 4x HDMI, 3x USB, micro AV input, integrated WLAN, LAN
  • Digital recorder DR+: 1 TB storage capacity, with Multi Recording
  • Sound: 120 watts (6 speakers, 4 passive membranes)
  • Set-up solutions: Stand/Table/Wall solution


Loewe bild 9 OLED is available in two screen sizes: 55″ and 65″.

Loewe bild 9.55 OLED retails at Euro 8,699 and Loewe bild 9.65 OLED retails at Euro 10,999.

Loewe products are distributed in the Nordic countries by EET Europarts. For further information about distribution, resellers and reselling, please contact the local Nordic EET Europarts sales entity.

Contact details can be found here:

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