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COMÉDIES À LA CARTE available today in VoD nationwide

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  • The European VOD distribution initiative Walk This Way launches its new season of European cinema in the UK with a refreshing collection of comedies.
  • The collection –offering a wide range of styles from romantic comedy to offbeat, queer hidden gems – are available in iTunes, Google Play, Sony, Microsoft and Amazon Prime.

Walk This Way – an EU MEDIA funded Project for straight-to-VoD European cinema – launches its third season in the UK with a collection of European comedies for every taste.

NOT MY DAY (Germany, 2014), Till (Axel Stein), a bank teller in his mid-30s, is living a humdrum, uneventful life. His marriage to Miriam is a happy one, but just about hitting a rut after so many years of harmony. Till is shaken out of his routine when a bank robber storms his branch and takes Till and his car hostage. When the kidnapper takes his mask off, Till recognises Nappo (Moritz Bleibtreu), a conman who had unsuccessfully applied for a loan at Till’s bank. As the police set up roadblocks, Nappo decides to abandon Till in the boot of the car and disappear with the loot. But things do not work out that way and Till and Nappo escape together. After the initial shock, Till throws all caution to the wind and launches head-on into an adventure with his kidnapper,

Directed by Peter Thorwarth, the film stars Moritz Bleibtreu, known for his roles in World War Z, The Baader Meinhof Complex and the German cult film, Run Lola Run.

LOVE AT FIRST CHILD (France, 2015). Gabrielle (Isabelle Carré) is a single mother, her 17-year-old daughter Claire is pregnant, but the child’s father, Simon, wishes to know nothing of his future baby. When Gabrielle takes matters into her own hands and asks Simon’s father Ange (Patrick Bruel) for help, an unexpected relationship begins.

Other titles in the collection includes the heartwarming French film ONE MAN AND HIS COW (2016), NEWS FROM PLANET MARS (2016), the german futuristic film MISS SIXTY (2014), the queer and crazy John Waters inspired DYKE HARD (2014) and the austrian political satire WINWIN (2016).

Opening on VOD Nationwide on Monday, 10th July on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime and Microsoft.

The film will be released in Original Version with English subtitles. 

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