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ToySeek.com – UK’s First Specialist Toy Marketplace due to launch September 2017

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Leading UK gaming retailer GameSeek is on the verge of revolutionising the toy sector for both buyers and sellers with a brand new online marketplace called ToySeek.com


This year continues to be a big year for online retailer GameSeek. Following the announcement earlier in the year that they are launching a new online gaming orientated marketplace, CEO Stephen Staley doesn’t appear to be resting on his laurels as the company prepares to launch the first ever specialist Toy marketplace in the UK, ahead of more traditional retailers such as ToysRus and Smyths Toys in the process.

Stephen explains:

“We realised early on in our history the significance and importance of the Toy market. Whilst we are deeply passionate about our gaming roots, we have always been aware of the potential opportunities and contribution we can bring to the hugely diverse Toy marketplace. After years of expanding our product range into new areas, we are proud to now be able to present our own marketplace where buyers can expect a huge range of products at competitive prices, and sellers can enjoy transparent terms and ease of trading with access to millions of customers. Sellers can also expect £0.00 insertion fees, £0.00 set up fees, £0.00 monthly fees and low commissions. Furthermore, sellers listing Toys on the GameSeek Marketplace will automatically have the same products listed on the ToySeek marketplace at no extra charge giving even greater chances of sales.”

“We are proud of our successful history and are set to revolutionise the internet by bringing to market a buying experience that has never been done before by any online retailer. Our ideas are innovative and the buying experience for the customer will change forever. We will not simply be just a retail website, but also a retail experience. For this reason, we expect and believe that Toyseek.com will be an integral part of our long term vision that includes building multiple successful marketplaces in the UK and worldwide.”

To sign up to both the GameSeek and ToySeek marketplace; https://www.gameseek.co.uk/marketplace/

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