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Virtual Reality startup Eventual to host Scotland’s first meetup for VR and AR enthusiasts.

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Recently anointed virtual reality trailblazers Eventual are bringing the innovation and glamour of Silicon Valley to Scotland with the first meetup for Virtual and Augmented Reality enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. With Scotland boasting an array of tech startups all with a keen eye firmly in VR and AR, the most recent and only Scottish-approved members of the globally recognised VRAR Association, Eventual brings a real-life meetup to coincide with its growing number of bespoke virtual environments for hosting clients’ events in VR.

With Scotland’s Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industry growing at a lightning pace, worldwide recognition isn’t far behind. Entrepreneur and CEO of Eventual, Peter Dobson said,

“We’re ecstatic to be bringing together some of Scotland’s finest VR/AR talent in one room. Scotland has an incredible hub of of creative and tech focused people which Eventual will showcase to the world.”

The VR/AR market is estimated to reach $108 billion by 2021, so it’s no surprise Eventual want to push Scotland even further as a named player in the industry. VRARA is a global association boasting members such as Google, Samsung and GoPro with Eventual now firmly placed alongside.

Eventual is hosting the first VR/AR meetup for Scotland on the 27th of July at 18:30 in the new Clockwise office space, located at 77 Renfrew St. Register your free tickets on Eventbrite.

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