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Why Hide When You Can Fight In FPS ‘Block Survival: Legend Of The Lost Islands’

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Why Hide When You Can Fight In ‘Block Survival: Legend Of The Lost Islands’ Now Roaming The Halls Of STEAM™

‘Classic Meets Cube’ Aggressive Survival FPS!

Indie game developer Inter Pixel Arts is proud to announce the official release of Block Survival: Legend Of The Lost Islands, their debut game on STEAM™ offering a fast-paced FPS offering a unique blend of shooter, exploration, adventure and survival with an exciting storyline.

As the sole survivor of a plane crash, you must free yourself from the mystical curse of the Lost Islands, which, incidentally, is the preferred travel destination for Vikings, dinosaurs, crazed scientists and nocturnal ghouls. Using powerful weapons as your tools (and bullets as your shelter), you must fight your way across scorching deserts, icy wastelands and other challenging environments in an action-packed game promising to knock your pixels off. Slice, blast, shoot, and blow-up a colorful cast of enemies with more than 40 different weapons and items to craft! Upgrade your weapons to give them elemental damage, new firing modes, and more to become the ultimate survivor.

Hunt dangerous predators at day and survive the endless onslaught of enemies at night. Use your arsenal of weapons to dispose of terrors and battle your way through 20 different environments, featuring unique climates and challenges. Grow stronger as you level up, becoming faster, more accurate and deadly. Explore the mysterious story, and free yourself from its curse should you survive. And when you’re done, do it all over again in New Game+, keeping your level and gear for the next gameplay session.

Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands


Game Website www.blocksurvivalgame.com
Press-Kit www.blocksurvivalgame.com/press/index.php
Facebook www.facebook.com/BSLotli
Twitter www.twitter.com/BlockSurvival
YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCjdnNPTMYvJCdFaFoEXRc2g
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