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WORLD EMOJI DAY – Guinness World Records

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In anticipation of World Emoji Day, and the upcoming worldwide release of “The Emoji Movie,” emoji fans around the world celebrated by setting the world’s first Guinness World Records™ title for the Largest gathering of people dressed as emoji faces simultaneously across multiple venues.

Spanning three continents, the record saw emoji faces inspired by the film’s characters turn up in Dubai, Moscow, London, Dublin, and Sao Paulo, as hundreds of fans dressed as the winningly expressive characters.

The UK participants gathered on the green of St. Thomas Hospital in Westminster, where they formed one large emoji face beneath the iconic backdrop of parliament and the Elizabeth Tower. Among them were young patients and staff from Evelina London Children’s Hospital and Vyvyan Evans, the UK’s leading Emoji expert and author of The Emoji Code. Adding colour and meeting participants were ten official Emoji Movie characters including Gene, Hi-5, Poop Daddy, Pizza and Heart.

Additional countries showed enthusiastic support by echoing the effort, with their own emojis participating in similarly themed celebrations; it is estimated that more than 1,000 emojis not associated with the record were in the mix throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

Around the globe, Sony Pictures Animation’s “The Emoji Movie” will roll out from late July through October this year. It comes at a time when the familiar messaging characters that populate our smartphones are more in demand than ever: in fact, this marks the fourth annual celebration of World Emoji Day, which is getting bigger with each edition and will be formally observed on Monday, July 17.

The global record was simultaneously set by people dressed as the yellow emoji characters from the movie in Sao Paulo, Brazil (local time 11:00am); Dublin, Ireland (local time 3:00pm); Moscow, Russia (local time 5:00pm); Dubai, UAE (local time 6:00pm); and London, England (local time 3:00pm). An adjudicator for Guinness World Records confirmed the new title for the Largest Gathering of people dressed as emoji faces simultaneously across multiple venues.

Commenting on the announcement, Josh Greenstein, President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution for Sony Pictures Entertainment, said, “Achieving a Guinness World Records title is a testament to the enormous worldwide appeal of emojis. It’s great to see so many people getting excited for the worldwide release of ‘The Emoji Movie.’”

Jack Brockbank, Guinness World Records Adjudicator, added, “We are incredibly impressed by the level of coordination and timing required to pull off this global record attempt – and it all happened simultaneously! It’s official—this is a fantastic achievement!”

Vyvyan Evans, who took part in the record in London, said: “Emoji is the world’s only truly global form of communication so today’s fantastically international Guinness World Record attempt has been a wonderful way to celebrate this. I wasn’t at all surprised to hear that Hollywood was embracing the meteoric rise in emoji and I’m sure the film is going to be a much-loved family hit this summer.”


  • 17 July is ‘World Emoji Day’ because it features on the ‘Calendar’ emoji
  • World Emoji Day was created by London-based Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia
  • The first ever mention of #WorldEmojiDay was on July 11, 2014 when Mr Burge first posted about it from a new @WorldEmojiDay Twitter account
  • There are currently 1,144 officially recognised emojis
  • ‘Emoji’ was added as a word to Oxford Dictionaries in 2013.
  • The word emoji literally means “picture” (e) + “character” (moji) in Japanese
  • It is generally recognised Emojis were created in Japan in 1999 and Higetaka Kurita is considered the father of emoji
  • However emojis weren’t really fully embraced by the masses until 2012 when Apple released iOS-6
  • Emoji is now the fastest growing language in the UK and evolving faster than ancient forms of communication, such as hieroglyphics
  • There have been at least two all-emoji social networks that exist
  • Emoji Tracker tracks all emojis used in real time on Twitter
  • An NBA player and Miley Cyrus have emoji tattoos.
  • A recent emoji trend is tattoo art with proud wearers of emoji include Miley Cyrus and NBA player Mike Scott
  • The most tweeted emoji is tears of joy
  • Nearly half of instagram comments contain an emoji (as of 5/2/15)
  • The Museum of Modern Art owns the original emoji collection
  • In 2009 the entirety of Moby Dick was translated into emoji
  • Tennis star Andy Murray marked his wedding day by tweeting the story of the day entirely in emoji
  • The most popular emojis – tracked live on emojistats.com – are currently Face With Tears of Joy, Red Heart, Face Blowing a Kiss, Smiling Face with Heart Eyes and Smiling Face with Smiley Eyes
  • · The most recent emoji update for Summer 2017 has seen the addition of a breastfeeding emoji, a woman in a hijab emoji and flags for England, Scotland and Wales.
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