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The Stonies Discover their Artistic Side

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New cave painting feature rewards players with valuable bonuses

Renowned developer and publisher of apps and browser games upjers is pleased to introduce a new feature in its Stone Age app Stonies (https://m.upjers.com/en/apps/stonies). Players can create small masterpieces with the new cave painting feature and earn amazing rewards.

Five themes provide a total of 25 pictures for your Stonies to paint. This is done by having Stonies craft painting bundles at various production sites; these contain pieces which contribute to the paintings. Each painting consists of nine pieces.

Players can look forward to an array of handy bonuses for completed paintings – for example bonuses to collecting resources and upgrading buildings. Superfluous painting pieces can be traded in for valuable crystal fragments.

Cave paintings occupy the third of the many chambers in the recently discovered cave in Stonies. The first two chambers are home to decoration storage and high score lists, where players can compare their progress to their fellow players.

The Stonies are practicing their brush strokes with cave paintings – new in Stonies!

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