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Cast magic spells for real IN THE ‘CHAMPIONS OF THE SHENGHA’ DUEL

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BfB Labs releases the latest version of the epic card battling game that responds to player’s body and mind

BfB Labs brings players a brand new experience with the release of Champions of the Shengha, the only fantasy card-battling game which invites players to learn real magic in order to cast their spells. Players will need to assemble a formidable deck of creatures, equipment and spells in order to compete, but to rise to the rank of Champion they’ll also need to learn the skills required of famous spellcasters from Merlin to Potter – mastering their own emotions in the heat of a duel.

Champions of the Shengha is unique because it uses a Magic Transmitter, a small bio-monitoring Bluetooth ear-clip that measures a player’s emotional state by tracking changes in their heart rate data. This data feeds into the game engine where it is transformed into a player’s magic power level, which they use to battle their opponents. Players are victorious by mastering the skill of the spellcaster: total self control.

Throughout the game, players collect cards, and build powerful battle decks, containing spells, creatures, weapons and armour, each of which comes with its own specific battlefield advantages.  In order to maximise the power of these cards, players must summon their inner strength and focus both their body and mind, with the game training players to master these skills and defeat opponents in the Shengha temple.

The August 8th launch version allows players to take on real-life opponents from around the world, or even sat next to them on the sofa. Players enter the temple and choose between three magical tribes – Joy, Fear and Fury – each with a distinct playstyle.  Players duel in real-time, marking a groundbreaking departure from other turn-based genre staples such as Hearthstone, Gwent and Faeria.

Card customisation is taken to the next level in the fires of the Card Forge. Throw your cards in and stoke the flames with your own magic power to earn unique bonuses which will bolster them in battle.

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Simon Fox, founder of BfB Labs, said:

“The beta version of ‘Champions of The Shengha’ was a huge success last year and since then we’ve worked tirelessly alongside our beta players to improve the experience. The introduction of real-time play has transformed the duelling experience. Battles are now more visceral and immediate. Real time duels mean that players have to really muster their attention to keep their spells powered and themselves in the game.

“We’re also really excited that the multi-player functionality is ready – something our beta community have been really eager for.

“The Magic Transmitter means that we are playing with the emotional and biological reactions of our players. This is unique in the world of gaming.

“If you can master yourself, you can master the game.”

Champions of the Shengha will be available from August 8th from championsoftheshengha.com

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