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Introducing, new MINECON! We’re shaking up the format of the event this year, and today we’re introducing two new elements:

  • MINECON Earth: A global interactive livestream event broadcast from two continents on November 18th and viewed by players around the world from their living rooms or at local viewing parties, retailers, theatres and community events.
    • When is it? The 90-minute livestream will take place on November 18th at 5pm GMT.
    • What will I see? We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but we can promise that the 90-minute interactive livestream will feature the same kind of entertainment, humor and announcements from past MINECON events – the goal is to have FUN with the community while we celebrate the Minecraft we all know and love.
    • How can I watch? MINECON Earth will be broadcast via the official Minecraft livestreaming channels: https://mixer.com/minecraft and http://twitch.tv/Minecraft.
  • Official Minecraft Community Events: We’ve teamed up with Minefaire, MineVention and BLOCKFEST to create authentic Minecraft events, a little closer to home. Players will get to meet their favourite YouTubers and streamers, compete in tournaments and costume contests, see unique content and much more. We’re excited to share more details really soon, but check out the Minefaire and MineVention websites for more info in the meantime!

Why is MINECON changing? Minecraft is built on inclusivity and creativity, and the “old MINECON” became an expensive and exclusive event where the vast majority of our community could not participate. With the combination of our livestream and the official Minecraft community events, we’re excited to make it easier for EVERYONE to participate from all around the world.

I want in. How do I participate? Anyone with a broadband internet connection can watch the livestream from wherever they are. There will also be get-togethers in select cities where you can meet developers, creators and other Crafters and have a whole lotta crafty fun. We’ll have more details to share soon on exciting ways for you to get involved from wherever you are.

For the full announcement, head over to Minecraft.net!

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