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Next Major Xbox Update Arrives for Xbox Insiders

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With the announce and release of the next major Xbox update to our Insider community yesterday, here is a quick overview of the new gaming features arriving now, and in the coming weeks:

  • The Xbox One Dashboard has a new look and feel that makes it faster to navigate and is more personalized than ever. With this update, customize your Home screen to be uniquely yours, and easily view the content you love at-a-glance.
  • Guide has been updated with a new tab layout to get you to the content you care about most, quicker. With this update, Sign-in, Achievements, multiplayer (including parties, Looking for Group, and tournaments), People, Home, messages, broadcasts and captures, and a new action center (including settings) will all have a dedicated page within Guide.
  • The Community section has an entirely new Activity Feed layout, showing more content at-a-glance.  When looking at feed items in detail, they are presented in an immersive, full-screen view—sharing the experience just as it was captured.
  • For PC gamers on Xbox, Game bar has been updated with new Game Mode settings that make it easier to enable/disable the feature, and Mixer broadcasters can now select from game-only audio, or system-wide audio when they broadcast directly from Game bar.

Further details about these features and more are available on Xbox Wire here, with corresponding assets available for download at news.xbox.com/media.

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