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Spotify comes to Xbox One

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Today, Spotify is available on Xbox One in 34 markets around the world. The new integration means that millions of Xbox One gamers can now choose the perfect music from Spotify to provide a fresh gaming soundtrack every time and to celebrate the launch we even have a playlist curated by Major Nelson himself.

Whether you’re battling hordes of enemies, scoring the winning goal or just enjoying the scenic routes of your favourite open world game, you can now create the perfect soundtrack to get you fired up for the next big challenge ahead.

Xbox gamers will now be able to soundtrack their own gaming sessions using Spotify, to make every single session feel new and unique. Just download the Spotify app from the Xbox Store to choose your personalised gaming experience. You can choose from your saved music, search the full Spotify catalogue of 30 million tracks, or browse the pre-curated gaming playlists in the ‘Gaming’ hub.

Simply play your music on demand with your Xbox One controller, whether you are a free or a Premium Spotify user. You can also control playback on your Xbox wirelessly from the Spotify app on your phone, tablet or desktop using Spotify Connect.

To find out more information on creating your personalised gaming soundtrack please head to the Xbox Wire and Spotify UK.

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