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Excalibur Games has always worked with a simple set of goals – release great games, support developers and focus on growth. We are very excited about advancing these goals in the months ahead. From wooden train sets to floating islands, we are looking forward to providing gamers with unique and memorable experiences.

We are gearing up for the Early Access release of Tracks – The Train Set Game on 28th September, which has already seen interest from Jacksepticeye, Nerd³, Kotaku UK, PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun and more. We have a new trailer for the nostalgic train track building game just around the corner, which will reveal a bunch of environments, as well as one of the game’s main objective modes.

In addition, we have very recently been sharing a series of teaser videos for a new simulator project that will be revealed in full next Thursday, 31st August 2017.

Next month, the wildly successful fantasy management game Shoppe Keep will finally be releasing on Xbox One and PS4, after reaching it’s full PC release back in May 2016.

Also in the works for September is the full release of Jalopy. Since April last year, the game has added road trips across Yugoslavia, Turkey and Bulgaria, and Jalopy is now ready to release in full.

Speaking of updates, Dad Quest will return in the coming weeks with the launch of Chapter 2 – focusing on credit score systems and personal financial woes, Sundae Month is ensuring that Dad Quest continues to surprise players with it’s clever take on gameplay mechanics as a storytelling device.

Team Floatlands has also been hard at work on their ambition exploration-survival based game. Taking control of an intelligent robot, players will scavenge, build, fight and explore in the dreamy world of Floatlands.

Last but not least is the news that we will be out in full force, exhibiting at EGX in Birmingham, England towards the end of next month. Half of our line up has been announced today, with the other half under wraps for a little while longer. One of the games that will be playable at EGX is a yet unannounced sequel to one of our most beloved titles, so come and visit us in the Indie section!

The Past Year

This past year, we’ve released fresh 1st party titles including the hilarious platformer Dad Quest, and the couch co-op shoot ’em up Circuit Breakers, which is now available on Xbox One and PS4. We have also continued to update and refine Jalopy, having now hit upwards of 100,000 copies – and that’s not even mentioning the full release of Craft Keep VR, our first venture into virtual reality technology.

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