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AKRacing Gaming/Office Footrest Review

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After a pretty poor weekend, for some of us, with IRMA bearing down on Florida, and Football Fans crying over the 5 – 0 win for Manchester City over Liverpool, ouch, that’s gotta hurt, it’s now time to put your feet to rest with our review of the new AKRacing Gaming/Office Footrest.

Now I have reviewed many items in the past, from games to headsets, to gaming mice and so on, so now this is my first time reviewing footrest, what is there to say? not much, but let’s give it ago.

Your footrest arrives flat-packed, not as bad as IKEA, with the AKRacing logo on the front and sides. On one of the sides, you get the indication of what colour Footrest you are getting, either all black or red and black, which is the one I have.

You might be thinking, why does this person need a footrest, have ever noticed how you lay your feet on the ground, just under your gaming chair, directly down or bent out, would if not be nice, just to rest them on something instead? this is what this footrest allows you to do, and for me, it feels good.

Setting up is easy, one base, 2 sides 4 screws, attach the sides to the base with the screws, then adjust the height of the footrest with the back screws to your preferred angle, then leave it, it’s good to go. If you are struggling, which I doubt you will, there is an included instruction sheet inside.The footrest is made with hardened plastic throughout, with rubber feet to stop slippage, there is also the AKRacing logo on the top front.

The top of the footrest is grooved to help with grip and give a more textured look, otherwise, it would be rather bland now very appealing, but this does need some changes to suit office workers. Why? its simple really many office works have shoes that are not grippy at all, like high heels on women and even men’s office shoes with no grip on the soul. Using this footrest is not impossible but it is annoying, is AKRacing added a rubber strip around the middle, or even a full rubber version, this would suit office workers, more than just a plastic version with grooves.

If you want to adjust the footrest, it’s simple, just unscrew the back screws, don’t worry you do not need a screw driver, the screws have plastic caps that allow you to adjust easily. There are a total of Four positions to choose from, so there should be a desired angle for everyone, if not, then, hmmm no comment.

I have used the footrest on a carpet, laminate flooring and Tiled and I can say that the bottom rubber feet do a great job, the footrest never moved, when in use. I did not put my whole weight on the footrest, but I borrowed my neighbours daughter who weighs around 6stone, and it took her full weight without dropping down to a different angle and did not break.

Overall there is only one issue, there needs to have a non-slip version for office works as currently, it is like a ice rink, other than that the footrest is light, can easily be dismantled and setup else where, designed well and does its job, resting your smelly feet on, while you work, rest and play. I can recommend this to gamers, with grippy shoes, but not to users with non-grip shoes.


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