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Comics, Collectibles Cosplay: The Crazy World of Fan Conventions

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Every year film and TV buffs, comic book fanatics, manga/anime enthusiasts and miscellaneous other groups travel in their hundreds-of-thousands to some of the world’s most prominent fan conventions. MrGamez.net has created an infographic to show where these events take place, their history and what happens from year to year.

The locations of these conventions are a reflection of the global market for film, TV and comics with USA and Japan hosting the majority of these events. However, many take place across Europe and Asia for fans of competition gaming, anime and illustration. In their research MrGamez.net looked at the specific appeal of each convention, and what lures fans back year after year.

Merchandise Madness – Top of the rankings with over 550,000+ attendances every year, Tokyo’s Comiket is world-famous for its market for rare collectibles relating to anime, manga and dōjinshi (self-published comics). Since its first event in 2014, AnimeJapan is another convention in Tokyo that sells comic-related items attracting a slightly lower 145,000 turnout.

Cosplay is King – New York Comic Con hosts the Eastern Championships of Cosplay where the winner gets $5,000 and goes onto compete at the Global Championships in Chicago. Aficionados across the pond can participate at the MCM London Comic Con EuroCosplay Championships.

Stars of the Silver Screen – Where can you spend a weekend in the presence of Game of Thrones’ Cersei Lannister, Doctor Who and Harry Potter’s Neville Longbottom? Toronto Fan Expo Canada angles more towards fans of film with these special guests serving as an example of some of the event’s highlights.

Europe on the map – Outside of North America and Asia, convention-goers favour the games.com event in Cologne, Germany with over 345,000 paying at least €18 for the best that interactive games and entertainment have to offer. Other features on the European agenda are Lucca Comics & Games in Tuscany, Italy, Japan Expo in Paris, Barcelona Games World and the previously mentioned MCM London Comic Con.

For more of the world’s best fan conventions, see the full infographic on MrGamez.com here.


In MrGamez.net’s search for the industry leaders in fan conventions, the research was divided into several metrics including:


  • Date
  • Ticket Price
  • Size (attendees)
  • Theme
  • History
  • What’s on
  • Other interesting facts

In order to gather this information, the respective event’s websites and relevant news sites were used. The events were then ordered by the amount of people attending the events.


MrGamez.net’s infographic gives a succinct overview of the events and why they have garnered such a dedicated following. Fans yet to have attended any of the conventions exhibited will be given an insight into what to expect.

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