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Advertise with us

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Advertise With Invision Game Community

About us

Invision Game Community (IGC) is an online UK Press company that was started up in January 2011. Our website reports on the latest news in the gaming industry, writes previews and reviews of the newest game releases and hosts competitions to bring great prizes to our users. What makes us different from our competitors is that we are powered by students, and we offer them the opportunity to gain experience in journalism and make contacts within the gaming industry. The website statistics currently show that we receive over 2m visitors on our website every month, of which 200,000 are unique hits, and we are continuing to grow rapidly.

Why Advertise With Us?

  • With a student demographic you have the perfect opportunity to target your advertisements at the right audience.
  • Advertise to a rapidly growing loyal audience that has seen constant growth of approximately 10% every month, meaning more exposure.
  • Constantly expanding content and creating new pages, means advertising with IGC will give you more coverage on our site every day.
  • Several available advertising packages at competitive rates to suit.

Advertising Costs

  • Site Horizontal Adverts located on destination pages** (Size 728×90)

$40 Per Week, $60 Per month, $400 for 6months or $650 for a whole year

  • Site Vertical Adverts Located on Destination pages (200×200)

$30 Per Week, $50 Per month, $350 for 6months or $500 for a whole year

  • Site wide background

$50 Per week

  • Become a Partner for only

$15 Per Month

  • Blog Articles with us from as low as

$45 Per Article (Must be based on Gaming) –


*All Prices can be negotiated please contact us if you have an offer.

If you’re interested in any of these packages, or wish to discuss them in more detail and negotiate on the options, please email admin@invisioncommunity.co.uk

*Site Take Over on top of all pages is designed by our team to fit with the site layout also can be linked to where you wish to link to.
**Destination pages include news articles, feature pages, review pages etc. and advertiser will choose location.


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