Nathan O'Grady
Nathan O'Grady
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Nathan is a passionate gamer and writer, who has been producing content for Invision since his first year of University over five years ago. He enjoys the opportunity to make personal connections with the developers and publishers that he works with, and is often praised for the high-quality of work that he produces. Now working as a Senior Staff Writer for Invision, Nathan's continues to grow as a writer and administrator for the site, and continues to connect with the wider gaming industry.

FIFA 18 Review

“FIFA 18 is just a FIFA game, and therein lies the problem.”  Another year, another FIFA game comes kicking its way out of the door at the creative studios of EA Sports. However, I don’t seem to be th…

Dreamlike Worlds Review

Dreamlike Worlds is a casual indie platformer from the creative minds at JustForward. The studio predominantly focusses on a mobile market; however, this latest title has made its way onto the Steam S…