Sahil Lala
Sahil Lala
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Sahil is a tech and gaming enthusiast that's been a writer, reviewer, advisor and editor at multiple publications. Currently working freelance, you can follow him on twitter here

Assault Spy Preview

The hack and slash genre is generally teeming with over the top action and stylish flowing combat. Games like Bayonetta, Devil May Cry and even God of War have perfected the formula so what does newco…

Elea Early Access Preview

Two words that spring to mind when playing Elea are “Psychological thriller”. While this may be a term that has been used to describe a variety of games over the years, not many have managed to pull i…

Terraforming Mars Preview

Terraforming Mars is based on the 2016 board game of the same name. Many people will not know this but for those that do, this digital version will be a faster game, taking away much of the time inves…