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Tearaway @ Eurogamer 2013

Tearaway is the brand new game from Little Big Planet developer, Media Molecule. This session promises an…

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Dying Light @ Eurogamer 2013

Fresh from their work on Dead Island, designers from Techland present Dying Light, another foray into open…

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Watch_Dogs @ Eurogamer 2013

You won’t to miss this session from Ubisoft Montreal. All the latest on what is set to…

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PS4 Indie: Resogun @Eurogamer 2013

Eurogamer’s Oli Welsh is particularly excited about Resogun, which has been dubbed the “spiritual sequel” to the…

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Project Godus @ Eurogamer 2013

A developer sessions stalwart and always a compelling presence on stage, Peter Molyneux showcases 22Cans latest game,…

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Thief @ Eurogamer 2013

It’s been nearly 10 years since the last game in the Thief series was released. Eidos Montreal…

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Murdered: Soul Suspect

What would have happened if John McClane had died during Die Hard? He would have fought on…

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The future of Ouya

Julie Uhrman outlines her vision for the future of Ouya, the Android based console.…

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PS4 Indie: Wasteland Kings

More indie based antics as Rami Ismail from Vlambeer (Luftrauser, Ridiculous Fishing) presents the team’s latest game.…

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Eurogamer Indie Podcast

Features Editor, Martin Robinson, hosts a special edition of the Eurogamer podcast with some of his favourite…

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