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Grand Kingdom Preview

Among the thousands of RPGs which populate the genre, there is a general consensus which is followed…

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Parkitect Preview

“The game considers its inspirations’ systems, and combines them in a way that works, but only finds…

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Overwatch Preview

If Overwatch stands as proof of anything, it’s that Blizzard is undoubtedly a company that can spin…

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Eisenhorn: Xenos Preview

Eisenhorn Xenos is a 3d action adventure game set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Specifically the game…

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Factorio Preview

Factorio, a game about… factories, developed by Wube Software LTD for over 4 years and seemingly being…

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Good Robot Preview

Roguelike is a sub genre of games that has blown up in popularity in recent years. Success…

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First Look – Wartile

“I would highly recommend backing the project if you are a PC and tabletop gaming fan” Wartile…

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Acaratus Preview

Acaratus, a new Medieval Steampunk Turn-based strategy game, hitting the Early Access stage of Steam like many…

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Action Henk Preview

Fortunately for me I have the pleasure of writing a review on Action Henk, a new indie…

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