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That Dragon, Cancer Review

I like to think that I’m good at motivational speeches and sentimental talks from past experiences, but…

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RockBand Rivals Review

“It has something for all kinds of players, but at the same time it is not really…

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Ohr: אור Review

When I was younger and far stupider I once made the mistake of taking Salvia, which for…

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Silence Review

I’ve never really held back my obsession for Final Fantasy, in fact if anything I succumb to…

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Final Fantasy XV Review

Final Fantasy XV (previously Versus XIII) has finally released, after its first reveal back in 2006 fans…

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Sceal Review

When I was in university (especially in 3rd year) I would occasionally play through a game you…

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Genius HS-940BT Headset Review

The Genius HS-940BT, a Bluetooth headset with a minimalistic design that advertises it’s fast pairing and far…

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Watch_Dogs 2 Review

Do you wanna make a meme? Because we got plenty spare. History does not favour Watch Dogs.…

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STEEP Review

The Alps, one of the greatest mountain ranges in Europe, stretching from Austria and Slovenia in the…

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