Rise of Insanity – Where the insanity will lead you? New horror for PC

:On the 3rd of August RedLimbStudio are going to release an early access version of their new game ‘Rise of Insanity‘. It’s a first person horror where you are playing as a doctor of psychology, who tries to solve the puzzle about missing his closest family. At the same time, he is struggling with a severe case of his new patient on which he is testing his new experimental treatment method.


Psychedelic detective story, located in American ’80s, with professional dialogues and realistic graphics. Dark atmosphere of uncertainty is surrounding the player, who by explorating of many locations, meet logical puzzles, and events like…flying through deepest parts of human’s consciousness.

The game is running on Windows PC as a classic form of gameplay, and additionaly is supporting Virtual Reality headsets. For now, it will be available on Steam in early access version, but RedLimbStudio are working on developing it on other platforms.The final version of the game will include, optional endinging and even more gameplay.

Cinematic gameplay and high quality graphics, help to get full immersion, which was found out by over 120 players in 3days of convention. Check out how VR players reacted to the game in this short clip below:

The human mind is an endless source of inspiration for horror, since we all hide a bigger or smaller monster inside. Dark stylings have accompanied us since our previous project – The Purge Day. We love heavy cinema, so getting to make a full-featured, interactive horror story was a matter of time.” – Kylu Trash from Red Limb Studio