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Scoring Policy

Scoring Policy

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We score our games on a scale of 1 – 5, with 1 being the lowest score possible and 5 the highest. 99% of all games are provided by the publisher or developer for review purposes,

We treat all games as equal prior to a review, and score games fairly based on what they are, and not what they are competing against. A humble indie title will receive the same attention and the same critique, and be scored on the same scale as a blockbuster triple-A release.

Our reviewers will at all times be objective, and we review games on an individual basis: what it is, rather than what it could or should be.

Our scoring policy is as follows:


A total waste of space, not worth your hard earned money.



We think its got something going for it, but would recommend downloading a Demo before you purchase.



We liked the game, but it might not be up your alley.



The game is well worth it, if its something you like, go grab it before there is non left.



Regardless of anything this game is the just plain awesome,now go buy it.

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