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Sahil Lala
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Sahil is a tech and gaming enthusiast that's been a writer, reviewer, advisor and editor at multiple publications. Currently working freelance, you can follow him on twitter here You can contact me at

The First Tree Review

The First Tree is an indie title created by David Wehle that focuses on the story of a fox in search of her lost cubs. The game is the very definition of indie since David himself created the game as …

Edge of Eternity Preview

Some of you may remember a video game trailer that went viral a couple of years ago for being made by a team of 4 people. The trailer teased a Final Fantasy-esque RPG game and eventually, the end prod…

Gris Review

Gris is a video game that tells the tale of a girl lost in her own world. From developers Nomada Studio and publisher Devolver Digital, Gris is a masterpiece that can be compared only to other artisti…