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Blade and Soul Review

Blade and Soul is an MMORPG published and developed by NCsoft way back in 2012 around the…

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Not A Hero Review

Violent, simple, and charming – when Not A Hero works, it works brilliantly. At best the experience…

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Pony Island Review

“It is fun, which is what every game absolutely should be!” Pony Island is exactly the sort…

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Tharsis Review

“Tharsis is a thrillingly addictive strategy game.” Travelling on a mission to Mars, your ship and its…

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Lovely Planet Review

Lovely Planet is….. well….. Let’s just say that it is a First Person something rather than a…

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Amplitude Review

Being a genre that is synonymous with additional (and mandatory) peripherals, the latest video game from developer…

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Azolt gReformer Review

A long time ago in a gaming universe far, far away a company introduced the DOME, a…

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