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Dreamlike Worlds Review

Dreamlike Worlds is a casual indie platformer from the creative minds at JustForward. The studio predominantly focusses…

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LucidSound LS40 Gaming Headset Review

LucidSound, a relatively new company to enter the gaming arena, has already released some impressive headsets. From the LS20 to…

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The Surge Review –

The Surge is an Action-RPG developed by Deck13 who could be most known for their work on…

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Dragon Quest Heroes II Review

Dragon Quest Heroes II is the latest release by Omega Force in their long line of “Warriors”…

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Puyo Puyo Tetris Review

In my PlayStation 4 collection I didn’t have a decent party game, where when you have a…

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Dreamfall Chapters Review

Considering how much I go on about it in my articles, I’ve considering changing my name to…

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