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Fallout 4 Review

Fallout 4, developed by Bethesda, is another game in the long lasting series of Fallout, set in…

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Need for Speed Review

“…Need for Speed does a lot right, but a lack of care and attention has gone into…

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Shadow Puppeteer Review

As far as 3D platformer go, I’m not their biggest fan. This game hasn’t changed that, it…

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Anki Overdrive Review

“This could easily become the next big thing.” Anki Overdrive is like a crossover between Scalextric and…

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Spectra Review

Spectra is a fast paced retro arcade racing game built by indie studio Gate Way Interactive and…

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Guitar Hero Live Review

First and foremost OMG, thanks Activision for the support and this awesome goody Pack for us to…

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Skyhill Review

Skyhill, the game not the band, is a point’n’click survival game developed by Mandragora and published by…

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Poncho Review

When I caught my first glimpse of Poncho I just knew I had to be the one…

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