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Fenix Rage Review

A lot of platformer games lately have come from independent developers. Taking the examples of Fez or…

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Pix The Cat Review

Believe it or not, there once was a time where children knew what true mobile gaming was.…

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Skylanders Trap Team Review

Every generation of childhood has had it’s own flavours of trendy fads and unfortunate cash cows for…

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TRI Review

As of lately, the focus from most developers and publishers are shooters, survival horrors or action adventure…

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In Space We Brawl Review

It’s really hard criticising indie games sometimes. vtackle. It feels a bit personal, and whilst I like…

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Screencheat Review

“Screencheat is an awesome game based on a hilariously nostalgic idea and packed full of a whole…

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The Shopkeeper Review

“The more narrative-focussed gamers amongst us will probably enjoy the prospect of the multiple storylines with multiple…

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Door Kickers Review

Many games nowadays are searching for innovation; some through the game itself, introducing some brand new mechanic…

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Forza Horizon 2 Review

As far as the racing game landscape stretches, there are thousands of titles spanning multiple consoles, each…

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