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Dark Rose Valkyrie Review

Japanese RPGs are always a hit-or-miss experience in the west. I’m not a huge anime fan, I…

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AereA Review

I remember in secondary school, I had a massive crush on this one girl. I never did…

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H1Z1: King Of The Kill Review

Ahh, is there any feeling as blissful and pure as the shit-your-pants emotion that games like H1Z1…

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Tokyo 42 Review

Perspective is an interesting concept. Giving yourself a different viewpoint can really change some things especially when…

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Tekken 7 Review

I can count all the franchises from my childhood that have stood the test of time on…

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Review

Here we have the third installment of Sniper: Ghost Warrior developed by CI Games; a tactical first-person…

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