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Accessories Peripheral Review

EnjoyTone W80 Review

Everyone remembers their first phone. Back in the day where you had 2 colours: black and green.…

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Magicka 2 Review

Are you kids excited? Because by the gods I am. Magicka 2 is one of the few…

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Trigger Treadz Review

In professional eSports gamers will try and gain every advantage over their opponents that they possibly can,…

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Project Root Review

Side scrolling shooters have been populating the gaming landscape since the very first games were being released.…

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AVIOR SK Gaming Mouse Review

The name “Mionix” is beginning to become synonymous with quality in my head. After my extremely pleasant…

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Omega Quintet Review

As far as music within games go, there is almost a standard where games will place. There…

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Magicka: Wizard Wars Review

In recent times, the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre has really risen, both in terms of popularity…

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