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Accessories Peripheral Review

Pillar Review

The roster for puzzle games on the PlayStation 4 is strengthening itself little by little, but having…

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Toukiden Kiwami Review

The Playstation 4 is yet to have its fair share of Japanese games; the usual Yakuza, Persona…

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Isbarah Review

Isbarah is one of those games in which ‘bullet hell’ applies. I’ve never played games within this…

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Shiftlings Review

I do enjoy a good puzzle; whether it be on a computer or something like a Sudoku,…

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Etherium Review

“…while Etherium may not be a full on hit, it certainly shows a significant stepping stone on…

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Zombie Army Trilogy Review

In a gaming world with increasing technologies, perks and gimmicks on the front of lacklustre games aimed…

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