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Furi Review

Furi is a game all about style. Graphically and mechanically this bullet-hell meets twin-stick shooter oozes style…

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Just Dance 2017 Review

Singing and dancing party games are so easy to review.  Most will tell you it’s because they’re…

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Titanfall 2 Review

E3 is generally the best venue for a game to be announced and to be as hyped…

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Planet Coaster Review

Let’s be honest here – it’s not exactly surprising to see a tonne of bold claims being…

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Killing Floor 2 Review

I’m a bit of a sucker for anything violent, especially when it comes to games where I…

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Super Dungeon Bros Review

Following the brotocols of the word ‘bro’ bring in the title of this game I must broactively…

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The Bunker Review

It seems as though everybody wants to bring back old-school flavours these days. Whether it’s re-releasing &…

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