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Peripheral Review

SanctuaryRPG Review

“SanctuaryRPG is a good old nostalgic experience which proudly sticks the finger up to modern gaming and…

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Z Review

Guy 1: Next time on Dragon Ball Z! Guy 2: No no, it’s not Dragon Ball Guy…

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So Many Me Review

We’ve all been there – a mountain of work sitting on the desk, patiently awaiting us to…

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Over 9000 zombies Review

Over 9000 zombies, PC Indie game developed by Loren Lemcke and published by independent publisher mastertronic and…

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Divinity: Original Sin Review

“Divinity Original Sin – An exceptional role-playing game not seen in such a long time” Divinity Original…

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4PM Review

“…leaves you feeling uncomfortable and not quite knowing what to feel” 4PM is a home-hitting, experimental interactive…

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Sniper Elite 3 Review

Arriving as a prequel to Rebellion’s 2012 release – Sniper Elite V2, the latest addition to this…

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