Craig Edwards
Craig Edwards
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I’m a passionate gamer and love just about any game there is, why limit yourself to one genre when you can have them all! Love attending events and getting to connect with people and watching the industry grow. I enjoy writing for Invision Community and the opportunities it gives me and one day would like to be a full time journalist within the industry. You can contact me at

Dead Cells Review

If at first, you don’t succeed, try try try…. You get the point. This rogue-lite, Castlevania hybrid keeps you on edge with fast-paced combat and brilliant dungeon crawling elements. Dead Cells for th…

Hand of Fate 2 Review  

After playing the first Hand of Fate game and enjoying it, I made sure that I had the chance to check out the sequel. This time around I’m playing Hand of Fate 2 on the Nintendo Switch which I might h…

The Crew 2 Review

The Crew 2 came out last week and after playing the open beta I wasn’t too sure whether I was going to pick it up or not. Though I’m glad I did, this game is really enjoyable and had me hooked from da…