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Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Review

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Mickey and Oswald return to the wastelands in Epic Mickey 2, in attempt to save it yet from danger. Wasteland is a place home to those forgotten toons from Disney. With an earthquake striking it is now or never for the duo, with co-op play brought in, how well can we recreate the town?

We begin with the musical talents of the mad doctor warning Oswald that wasteland is in danger and that he could use some help trying to solve the problem. With the fix of a television and a few tweeks here and there our good friend Mickey returns with his magic paintbrush in hand, ready to thin out or paint parts of the environment.

With Oswald at his side with his magic remote control, it is possible to play the game on your own with an AI Oswald or with a friend who will then control him manually. But remember when playing on your own you will need to command Oswald to do a few things; he won’t do everything for you.

There are many side quests for you to pick up along your travels, one of which will ask you to take photographs of different places. Some will be shown to you by photo signs, others you will have to use your instinct to find. But sometimes it is just great fun to wander round taking different pictures to add to your scrap book.

There are quite a few collections to form throughout; the following is a list of what to look out for;

  • Sketches – enable Mickey to create items that will help him work his way along, including the television which can distract nearby enemies.
  • Costumes, once collected can be used on Oswald and Mickey which can change their abilities.
  • Spirits are collected by finding certain pins, once found the statues in Mean Street will give them special abilities upon interaction.
  • Pins, just like those collected in America and traded do not serve a purpose other than to collect. There are bronze, silver and gold pins to collect as well as the special pins for quest completion.
  • Scrap metal and cloth –these can be found by destroying the surrounding environment, painting and thinning areas. They come in extremely useful for side quests where something needs to be fixed, etc.
  • Film reels are quest items

Throughout your game play you will notice a few things to help you out as well as your partner. Some of the things include the following; Guardians, which are gained by a chain of thinning or painting, and can be used to launch at far away enemies to help defeat them and combat tough targets. Inkwells can also be found, which will either turn you invisible or harden your skin. These will help you bypass anything that will hurt you if it sees you, or protect you from any strong substances.

Finally, film projectors play a big part in this game. They take you between zones, kind of like a little bonus level of sorts. Each projector has different levels or different routes to take by turning the cogs on each. It may take some time to work your way through each of the different levels, but it is defiantly worth it to see what you may find.


Although I found the game enjoyable and intriguing to play, the graphic glitches that occurred on occasion did affect my game play which became quite frustrating at points. However, even with this happening I would say to give it a try, it still is a good story to work through.


I found the camera quite difficult to use at times, it’s default position didn’t seem to sit in the right place and when going up against enemies it became difficult to aim at the correctly. Another thing that became a problem at times throughout my play was that Oswald on the odd occasion disappeared, which made the joint tasks impossible to complete until he returned.


Comical voices, loved characters and nice backing track, nothing more to expect from a game from Disney.

Closing comments

Overall an interesting game to play and worth the time I spent working my way through it. Yes there were glitches and they did become annoying but what game doesn’t have its issues to deal with.

Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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