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Over 9000 zombies Review

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Over 9000 zombies, PC Indie game developed by Loren Lemcke and published by independent publisher mastertronic and with a music score setup by the renowned indie music developers ClearSideMusic. At first glance the game kind of reminded me when I was too poor or young , to buy decent games and used to spend time playing flash games whether it was for enjoyment or just trying to avoid whatever work the teacher had given us in lessons with computers, arrrhhh…… god bless proxy sites.

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Over 9000 zombies is a top down manic shooter where you have to survive…. That’s it. All though this seems like a simple task with the Insane amount of un-dead hordes growing larger and larger it becomes more and chaotic and harder to survive. There’s really not much to the game other than that as your only real choices are to try and fortify a building and stay inside or blindly wonder around the map and hope you don’t get cornered by a horde of the brain snacking blighter. When fighting the zombies you have only a pistol and a handful of immensely powerful grenades at the start. However as you continue the game you unlock more weapons by picking them up of dead zombies, these zombies also drop health packs, grenades and scrap metal either in the form of a cog (not the people in gears of war but the kind of things that are in real old timey watches) or steel bars which apparently counts as “scrap” metal. Why is this important? I mean if you were being attacked by hordes of zombies then how a cog and a steel bar would help unless you were some kind of weird mechanical ninja that used cog wheels as shurikens and needed to devour metal to keep your furious killing of all the zombies. Then again if bad Sci-Fi films have taught us anything it is far more likely that you would be helping the zombies destroy the last of human civilisation. But, I digress as the ninja cog and steel are needed to enable you to build stuff like turrets and walls that stop the zombies clawing you to pieces. Although you can walk through both the walls and the turrets you have built further supporting the fact that maybe you’re a ninja….. There are also various types of zombies not just your bog standard slow shuffling “Braiiiiiins” moaning stiff but also zombies that appear to breath fire (however I think they just have a gun I can’t really tell with the 8 bit graphic style) and fast zombies that have a slight green tinge to them. The music in the game is very well done and well worth the reference they constantly seem to draw to it in anything written about the game, however to say this is a great game I would be lying.

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Zombies are great you can kill them have no remorse about them meaning you can make a mindless zombie killing simulator where no matter how many you kill it’s still enjoyable right? All though this is partly true with very little change in the game it can get old fast as each hundred zombies you kill on par with the global population seems more and more pointless and after an hour or two of killing you kind of stop caring and see how long it takes for you to die standing in a massive block of barricades. One time I plucked up the courage to explore only to find more terrain that looked exactly the same so I setup near a vast expansion of water to my back and tried to defend myself only to find out that when the zombies broke my barricades and swarmed me that the vast expansion of water acted like a wall and sealed my fate. In this is my main problem with the game that there really isn’t much to it and no real freedom and I know it’s an indie game so he probably didn’t have much money to put it together but some vehicles would have been call maybe a jeep or a boat or even some crazy weapons like a lawn mower, I mean some of the weapons are cool like the plasma gun thing and the ak47 that fires like someone dosed you up with a couple of grams of cocaine. 4

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In the end you probably don’t even need to read this because ultimately the games title is completely what the game is Over 9000 zombies. That’s it. To be completely true it could have a title Over 9000 zombies two or three types of turret and a couple of guns but that doesn’t sound so catchy, I feel I’m being a bit mean so if you want a game to kill an hour of frustration they I do heartily suggest this game but a game with the “over 9000” reference in it that doesn’t allow you to Ki blast or use a Spirit Bomb kinda makes me think that not a lot of thought went into it and that’s something coming from someone who has never seen an episode of dragon ball Z. Not that there wasn’t a complete lack of thought just more could have been taken good luck with your zombie killing I guess.


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