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Abyss Odyssey Review

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Abyss Odyssey, a rogue like sides roller developed by Ace Team and published by Altus. Anyone un-familiar with what a rogue like game genre is will probably get it if I shout DARKSOULS; they will also probably recoil in fear and horror and cry in the corner in frustration and pure despair over the hardships and “one step forward and five steps back” methodology of these games however I wouldn’t be put off as there is a good reason games like this are taking more of a mainstream appearance and Abyss odyssey is if nothing but one of the most truest to the genre.

The game starts with the premise that there lays a warlock deep underground dreaming away, however due to his immense power his dreams become reality and make their way to the surface. This would be fine if the warlock was dreaming of pleasant summer beaches and hot bikini babes, then again if that was the case it would probably be the worst game I’ve ever played I guess it would be like one of those crappy sim games. So thankfully it’s more like the warlocks nightmare, full of monsters and demons to slay and although not beautiful summer beaches but still fairly pretty forests and icy caverns as the dungeons settings as you descend to where the warlock sleeps to stop him.


You, a part of the nightmare itself are armed with various skills that you assign to three slots. Each skill also has three slots that can be upgraded in damage, mana or protection. Damage is self-explanatory however mana means that when the ability is used you get more mana (explained later) and protection means that when you use your skill and get interrupted you take less damage. These skills don’t use mana however when the mana bar maxes out it allows you to use a special ability which not only damages the enemy but allows you to capture it as long as it’s your level or lower, the captured enemy then becomes an asset as it allows you to turn into the enemy you have just captured. The sting in the game is if you die you lose everything except a weapon and maybe one item you have equipped and must try to revive yourself and a skill configure alter by getting there as a soldier, however if the soldier dies and you haven’t set-up a camp you start the whole thing again only keeping the money you have acquired and your level.


This sounds quite hard and unforgiving but the more you progress and start to understand the game the easier it gets to the point where it isn’t really a challenge anymore, after managing to figure out how to unlock the last character I managed to get to the bottom in one attempt and kill the warlock at a level just in the twenties due to her stupendous range for her normal attacks. Also as the game is so linear with the only choices being should I fight in this pink dungeon or this slightly redder dungeon. This slight colour change only changes the supposed difficulty of the game and slowly allows it to become more of a monotonous slog. The game also had a couple of glitches as when you enter a dungeon with a question mark it you fight as one of the enemies and if you win you obtain there captured essence, this glitches out as when you spawn into the new room to collect this “soul” it can be unobtainable as the map generated places it inside the floor. This isn’t the only glitch but, since the other glitch only involves the achievement its hardly game braking as there is an achievement to get all 20 pages of the warlock’s book which contains basic backstory to this random guy and why he is how he is. This is broken as you do not have to collect all 20 pages in-fact I unlocked after only getting fifteen pages.


Abyss odyssey does have its great points, the world its set is great, the music works well too complimenting each new set of areas as you descend and the game does a great job of sparking your interest into what could be deeper and what other secrets could be found, there are tons of small things like the random acoustic guitarist with his enlightening sayings that give you an exp. boost but really care about what he says. The voice acting is also superb and although the story seems quite shallow on the surface it still has a lot to it and it’s still quite rich it’s just a very simple issue – there’s just not a lot of it. The game works on giving you a great memorable but short experience with really not much else and hey if there was any more I would be lapping it up but there isn’t. If you want a good short rogue like game and thought maybe stuff like dark souls was too long then this is perfect and it’s a good game to stand on its own but, it still feels incomplete in some places……………. 4


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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