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Norwegian game developer HENCHMAN & GOON announces their first game FLEM

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Henchman & Goon just started a Steam Greenlight campaign for their first game, FLEM, which is also coming soon to PlayStation Vita.

FLEM offers classic 2D platforming with a speedrun focus. The booger ball Flem is stranded in a strange new world after the calamity of the Great Sneeze and must find his lost people in the Land Of Eternal Tissue.

In FLEM, players must run and jump through short and challenging levels while avoiding the hostile environment and may also attempt to beat the time trials for every level while doing so. Later levels introduces Flem’s hidden snot powers, including the ability to turn into a cloud and fly in short bursts.

With FLEM, Henchman & Goon seeks to entertain players by challenging them and aims to deliver it all with a colorful nostalgic retro vibe.

Greenlight-page: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=283034493
Game website: flemgame.com


  • Easy to learn, hard to master platforming.
  • 40 levels over four seasons to run, jump, dash and fly through.
  • Time trials, medals and leaderboards for every level.
  • Cheery 8-bit inspired soundtrack.
  • Pixels!

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