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Tropico 5 Gone Green DLC Review

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Gone Green is another of Tropico 5’s miniature DLC packages. At a small price it is a reasonably small offering, which as usual contains a mission, a building, an item of clothing  for your dynasty members and a custom soundtrack to match. In this DLC, El Presidente has come to believe that the way to win over the people of Tropico is to convert the island to green energy, provided by shiny new wind farms. As ever, El Presidente’s intentions stretch beyond his small island of Tropico though; first Tropico, then the world!


The aim of the new mission then is to construct a whopping 40 of the new wind farm buildings which are introduced with Gone Green in order to take out a Toucan that has been causing El Presidente some distress. It is a long, drawn out process this time around, which goes on to become an unnecessarily difficult one. Not only does it seem to be unusually difficult to keep the population happy whilst you reach your goal, but the wind farm itself is a workerless structure. This means that it puts little money back into the economy, and also provides no new jobs for citizens, which makes balancing the budget and levelling out unemployment an exceedingly hefty job. Needless to say, Gone Green makes you work incredibly hard to obtain a seemingly simple goal.


The task for this DLC pack’s mission is matched in disappointment by the new building it offers. With a number of the DLCs on offer, the new building included for the game has a meaningful purpose with a genuine effect on how you play. On top of those difficulties which I have already mentioned arise when using the wind farms for energy, they are also simply not that good. They are an expensive alternative to some other the other, albeit better green energy solutions which are already in the game, for example geothermal power. Combine this with its lack of job creation and economic benefits and the turbines become a bit of a non choice when playing the wider game. The only real benefit is that the structure does not require college-educated employees to run it, however given that many others do, these kind of workers are pretty much a given by the time you reach the modern day era and the wind farm becomes available.


Aesthetically at least, the building looks realistic and relatively appealing, if you are a fan of their appearance in real life as I generally am. Along the same lines, the new soundtrack pieces gel nicely into the already established Tropico style. Also, if you like cool, long, rocker-style hair, you will no doubt enjoy the hippie haircut option that this DLC pack brings with it. Sadly, your money doesn’t really feel like it was well spent just for this.

Gone Green is one of the more disappointing DLC packs I have played for Tropico 5. Its long, drawn out mission with excessive difficulty, lack of game changing new building and general sub-standardness is unfortunate and out of character in comparison to its brothers and sisters. Gone Green is not the DLC you want at the top of your list, but at a low price tag of £2.50 at least you can say that you are getting what you pay for…


The Good:

  • Wind farm energy building does not require college educated workers like its green energy alternatives in the game.
  • Along with the new building, the DLC pack’s new hippie haircut item and soundtrack additions are aesthetically pleasing features as usual.
  • The DLC is cheap at a price of just £2.50.

The Bad:

  • A long, drawn out story which is less interesting and oddly difficult in comparison to the others on offer for the game.
  • The wind farm building is of little use in the main game, being expensive with a low energy output, no jobs created and a poor economic return.
  • Certainly not a DLC which matches the game’s other packages for quality.

tropico 5 gone green

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