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AkRacing Premium Plus Series Gaming Chair Review

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Never heard of AKRacing, what about DXRacer? Both of these companies make high end gaming chairs for pro gamers as well as gamers in general.

Just in case you have never heard of AKRacing, let me tell you about them, this info is taken from their website.

“AK Racing is one of the world’s premier gaming chair manufacturers, producing the highest quality products that are available today.With a focus on ergonomics, design and functionality, AK Racing gaming chairs have quickly become the smart choice across the eSport scene.Our close ties with top eSports teams such as Team Dignitas have given us the leading edge in meeting the durability and comfort requirements of gaming professionals everywhere”.

Now back on point, AKRacing Premium Series Gaming Chair features and dimensions


  • Colour: RED
  • Quality upholstery material. PREMIUM series uses PU Leather.
    Metal Construction: Each seat has a sturdy metal frame.
  • High quality, comfortable hard foam, not prone to deformation over time.
  • Adjustable Armrests.
  • Adjustable Back Angle: 180-degree backrest adjustment allows you to adjust it to your needs.
  • Adjustable tilt, height and back.
  • Reinforced wheels: designed not to scratch hardwood or laminate floors.
  • Very Strong Metal base with class 4 gas lift support up to 150KG.
  • Cushions Included for optional lower back and head/neck support.



  • Shoulder Width: 580mm
  • Waist Width: 530mm
  • Seat Width: 375mm
  • Back Height: 940mm
  • Seat Length: 560mm
  • Seat Height: 510-430mm
  • Armrest Heights: 340-270mm

There are loads and loads of chairs on the market even cheaper ones from the likes of Element Gaming, and if you on a budget, these are great as well, and I highly recommend them, just check out my review for one of their chairs http://invisioncommunity.co.uk/2015/06/20/element-gaming-racing-style-gaming-chair-review/.

Check out the Player Chair Review Here

Or the Octane Chair Review Here

Now if you have the funds spare and want a premium quality gaming chair, then one of these bad boys/girls could be well suited for you and also comes in many different variations of colours, starting at a price of £229.99 via www.overclockers.co.uk.

DSC_0174 1

As with the first all AKRacing Games Chairs, the first thing anyone will notice is the huge box, which weighs an absolute tonne, 88x68x38cm with a gross weight of 25kg and a net weight of 22kg, Yet again, I had to drag the box upstairs, no small feet, if I had left it down stairs, I would be sleeping in the dog house

When opened the first thing you notice, is all the packaging, loads and loads, everything is well packaged and padded to make sure, your new chair arrives to you without any damage, we all know how many delivery men/women can be. Slowly removing each item, starting with the star base, moving to the cushions, both back and seat, seat already has the arms attached. Getting to the bottom of the box, you get the neck and lumbar cushions and a box that contains an instruction manual, gas cylinder, Allen keys (HEX) 3 plastic sides and wheels.

For some reason the chair, was not as easy to put together as the others, I was sweating like a bitch, not only was it a pain in the arse, it was bloody hot outside, bloody hot inside, and I was in a damn small room, which added to the over heat, what a nightmare.

Basic assembly is the same as the AKRacing Player Chair

  • Attach the wheels and the gas cylinder to the wheelbase,
  • Attach the back Rest to the Seat, along with the plastic trims that cover the bolts,
  • Attach the chair lifting mechanism to the bottom of the seat,
  • Attach the wheelbase to the seat and Tadaa, I’ts all done,

I have now got a good collection of AKRacing Chairs all being used, sort of, the Player Chair gets used by my partner and Octane gets used by Guest and the this new one gets used by me, and this chairs height is perfect for me, I am 5ft 4″, 34″ waist and around 13 Stone 4 lbs, dependent on time of day, come on, I do eat food and I weigh myself in the morning, after taking time on the toilet.

Faux Leather is what these chairs are made of, if you are wondering what Faux leather is, it’s an artificial or synthetic leather substitute. The frame is full metal, so you know where all the weight comes from, the only plastic used on this chair, is for the armrests, trims and wheels.

The AKRacing logo is printed on the neck cushion, lumbar, the back seat towards the top and the sides of the back seat, I still feel the logo should be put on the back, just for more promotion, I keep saying this, listen AKRacing.

Something that puzzled me, when the octane arrive and it’s also with this new chair the plastic HEX thingy majiggy, which helps you to attach the neck cushion through the hole at the top of the chair and hold its place perfectly , a small addition that makes a huge difference.

I have to say, I love AKRacing, and this is the best chair overall, its vibrant colours, mine a bright RED, soft foam and pure comfort, makes these chairs, awesome for gamers, or even office workers. The straight backs, hold with posture and stop you from slouching. The Lumbar and Neck cushions support the lower back and neck. If anything, and I’ll say this again, all chairs should adopt and straight back, and lower and upper support for office users as well as gamers.

As this is the Premium Plus Chair, you would think there would be premium features not available on the other chairs, right? Wrong the arms rests are the same as the player and octane chairs, made from foam and protected with a rubberized coating, also grooved out so your arms can fit comfortably in the grooves, at a height suited to you.  I have seen chair with added features to armrests, which not only allow for up and down, but also adjust the armrest, left and right, for ever more comfort when  resting your arms.

These chairs offer a 180 degree back rest, handy for watching movies on the ceiling or playing games at the same position, for me, it’s all about Adult time, when the missus is feeling a little frisky, and all you want to do it complete that damn last mission, or gank that noob, that just killed you, but nope, her she comes… Play games or have some fun times, not really a hard choice, if you ask me.

I have also found some other awesome reasons for the 180 degree back rest, pretending to be Superman, and having your partner push you along, front and back body massage and star gazing.

Finally, though, I am happy to say, Damn right AKRacing, these chairs come with a reinforced star base, not like the Octane and the Player chairs, which all should be upgraded ASAP. It’s also been coloured to match the main accent colour of the premium plus chair, this one is red, so you get a red starbase, not just that, you get plastic foot rests on each star, so you can rest your feet on a non slip surface.

I ask myself the same question every time, when it comes to getting one these high end products to review, are they worth it to purchase?

Well, as with everything there are three types of gamers or as the government would use three types of families, living in poverty, living within means and rich as hell. Depending on your personal circumstances, would affect your choices in life, if you can save, this could also help you choose better and maybe have a little cash to one side, for something special.

So for a starting price of 229.99 you are paying a lot of money, not something you can simply say yes, I am going to buy, no questions asked, you will be looking at other factors, if you do end up buying, you will not be disappointed as-per-say. If you are on a budget, save a little, these chairs are not going anywhere, they will still be here, after a few months, maybe even newer versions. If you are on the very low end, poverty stricken, please do not spend money on something you can not afford just yet, save for something similar but cheaper.

As with the Octane and the Player, each chair was tested not only by myself, but my partner,  the player chair got the thumbs down from my partner, the thumbs up for the Octane, but what did the Premium chair get? Thumbs up, nice and comfy, she is a small lass, 5ft 5″ and weighs less than 9 Stone.

This chair is perfect for my height, my head, just about reaches the top of the chair, the neck cushion is also bang on the right position, everything about the size of chair, suits me perfectly. Both the Octane and Player chairs, my head differently did not reach the top of the chair, there was about 6″ spare. So if you are a short little person like me, not a midget (Sorry to say) this chair is perfect for you.. 5ft.4″ to around 5ft.6″, I recon should be the perfect height.

The question now comes down to the score, I give this a 10/10, the starbase is now fixed, it’s well built and well designed, even though they could of updated the arm rests to add more flexibility, overall though, this is the best of the best from AKRacing and well worth what they are asking for.

This chair is AKRacing Premium Plus Addition and really needs to be a premium, and it is, I just feel it needs to be more Premium to really standout, more padding to seat, Logo added to the back of the chair, better and more adjustable arm rests and maybe some improvements to the tilt mechanism, there is, so much more that can be improved to make this a Premium Plus Plus .


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