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SteelSeries QcK+ Limited Mouse Mat Review

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Micro-woven cloth – engineered to improve mouse glide, SteelSeries new micro-woven cloth has minimal friction and silky-smooth texture.

Perfect Mouse Tracking – Tested by the top mouse sensor manufacturer, the high thread count and surface variation optimises tracking accuracy for both optical and laser sensors

Never-Fray Stitching – Understitching along the edges of the surface ensures it will never fray or peel


  • Width 450mm
  • Height 400mm
  • Depth 3mm
  • Material Micro-woven Cloth
  • Stitched Edges Yes

This is all the information SteelSeries provide to us before buying this mouse mat, but what makes it stand out from many others that are similar?

Well lucky for me I have another mouse mat from Razer, the Goliathis Speed Terra Edition which is also a cloth type mouse mat; let’s see what Razer says about this one


The weave on the Razer Goliathus Speed Edition is pulled taut to create a slick and seamless surface so your gaming mouse glides quickly with zero hindrance. The weave also provides a comfortable feel under your wrist and hand, minimising fatigue over extended periods of play.


Low sense, high sense, laser or optical sensor – whatever your sensitivity setting or preferred gaming mouse, the Razer Goliathus offers total tracking responsiveness for consistently reliable in-game control.

So that’s the mouse mats, that I own and this is the challenge, does SteelSeries have the best cloth mouse mat or does SteelSeries, let the opinions begin.

First lets look and see how each of them sell their product from the consumer angle, both come in a long rectangle box, only one of them allow you to feel what you are buying and this is the SteelSeries Mouse Mat, Both of them showcase the size of the mouse mat and a picture of what you are purchasing, so who wins that round, SteelSeries in my opinion allows us to feel what the mat feels like underhand.

Next – non-slip surface, which one has the better of the two, Razer user what looks like small octagons but might be small circles for their non-slip surface, SteelSeries uses something different a full non-slip surface, really small, kind of like stitching. When you push down on to the surface to test the non-slip surface the SteelSeries outperforms the Razer mouse mat hands down, my finger felt more abrasion, fewer chances of it moving compared to what Razer offers, so in my opinion again SteelSeries wins again. (See Picture)

Even the design on the back is better, just look for yourselves in the picture below.

Let’s now look at Stitching, side stitching to be exact, SteelSeries stitching is very refined, well designed and executed to perfection, Razer, on the other hand, you can see the stitching rather well, and does not look as neat and tidy as the SteelSeries Mouse Mat (See Pic Below)

Yes the mouse mat on the bottom is the Razer Firefly.

Now for the smoothness test, first the palm test, the SteelSeries  QcK+ Limited Mouse Mat is much smoother under the palm, feels good, the Razer one you can actually feel weaving slightly, making it less smooth.

The Mouse test – The Mice I shall being using in this test will be the SteelSeries Rival 300, Razer HEX V2 and the Corsair MMO Mouse – both mats perform just as good as each other, both have great tracking, but the push test, puts the SteelSeries mouse above the Razer by centre meters, all mice moved better and for longer with the SteelSeries mouse mat.

So overall both perform well with tracking, but the SteelSeries won when it came to the push test.

Now design is a personal preference and I have to admit I like them both, Razer opted to use their logo as their main eye catching sales point, while SteelSeries Opted to use a more artistic style approach, and both of them work and both look good.

So that’s a mouse mat review done and dusted, from my point of view and there is a clear winner, SteelSeries, why?

  • Better non-slip surface
  • Good Mouse Tracking
  • Good on the push Test
  • Smoother under palm
  • Better Stitching
  • Good Design

So what you waiting for trust me with what I am saying, you can see from the images that everything I have said is truthful, but of course everything is my opinion ,  there are the facts that I have also bullet pointed for you to see before you decide to buy, Trust me when I say, if I was going to buy a new mouse mat and I wanted a cloth mouse mat, I know which one I would buy now, if I was just basing it on design or catching of the eye, then I would be torn between them both.

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