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Introducing – The Pasture

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The Pasture gives you a truly innovative gameplay and experimental possibilities that will allow you to experience yourself as a different character – a member of mysterious modern art elite.

The Pasture is a product of endless self-reflection of modern games, where all the different genres and control styles are constantly flowing one into another, making it hard sometimes to even tell where exactly is the player, has he finished the game, is he a protagonist or only a hostage of the incorrectly programmed NPC.

The Pasture is a simulator of art life and people living it. One of the concepts of this world: “die or have your own exhibit at a big museum” allows a player to experience numerous funny and sometimes weird emotions.

The game mechanic in The Pasture is totally nontrivial. It may seem very simple, but yet it gives you a whole range of feelings: from hopelessness before the museum staff and famous artists to a vague understanding that it’s the implicit methods in this game that will allow you to “move forward”.

The game includes more than 30 pieces of contemporary Russian art, so you will have a great opportunity to fill out possible gaps in your education.

Features:- Several playable characters.

– Several playable characters.
– You can create your own exhibition at a museum.
– A possibility of dying more than once.
– The real prototypes. The game takes place in the existing Russian galleries.
– The ability to earn rewards and set records.
– Meet the artists and learn about the most significant works of Russian contemporary art.

STEAM price just 0.99$ with -20% discount for the first week

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