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Paradox COO Answers the “Legendary Split” with a PDXCON Trailer of Her Own

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The Legendary Split was Legendary, Now it’s our COO’s Turn!

Susana Meza Graham Injects Historical Style into New PDXCON Trailer

Paradox Interactive today releases their next foray into PDXCON hype-inducing trailers.  Back in February we convinced our CEO (with totally no CGI, honest!) to straddle two moving tanks.  Now, our COO Susanna Meza Graham is bringing things back to our historical roots in this new trailer, featuring other faces from the Paradox fold.

Announcements are coming thick and fast for PDXCON (Modder special guests, Concert, event partner) It’s set to be a blast!  Fans looking to come along can still find tickets at www.paradoxplaza.com/pdxcon2017

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